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Undras is the largest continent in all the Known World, this is in spite of the fact that the continent is far from even fully explored. To the continents east are the Atarsid Isles and Sea of Storms, its south the Seuibe River and across it the continent of Runedastil, its west the Endless Ocean, and to its north the perhaps endless uncharted lands.  


Much of Undras was once desert and fertile lands watered by countless rivers, this still the case for much of Undras, but in its east this has been transformed. The blade elves that split from the high elves of Selu’Qidar during the Second Sundering, transformed the east into vast forests and grasslands with powerful magic, artefacts, and backbreaking labour.   The Seldori Range in the south-east of the continent are are haunting scar, they practically uninhabitable, the land is arid and sharply mountainous, but worse undead, monstrosities, and other fell things haunt the lands, destroying all those who try to reclaim the Range or explore the deviation its holds. They are also the location that Planes were torn open and Age of Blood was ushered into being.   The largest mountain ranges are the Broken Spine, Yhess Peaks, and the cursed Seldori Range. While flora does indeed exist upon Undras, much of it is sparse leaving no natural forest upon the continent, the forests that do exist are the result of the blade elves in the east.  


The Yhess Kingdoms are a powerful force upon the more western portion of the continent while the Kingdom of Legvaren lays claim to its east. There are also those who believe that somewhere within the Mossada Wastes are grand kingdoms with gold palaces, but none have yet been discovered by outsiders.
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