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Lunar Order

The Lunar Order is a monastic academic and militant organisation dedicated to the protection of the Moonlit Keep and the knowledge contained within. The Lunar Order has Three branches which sometimes intersect, the Lunar Scholars, Lunar Knights, and Lunar Caretakers. The Lunar Scholars are those who study the great texts and artefacts within the Moonlit Keep, copy them into new books and scrolls, and develop new texts and objects, mundane and magical. The Lunar Knights serve the primary function of defending the Keep from aggressors, but also venture out to search for further knowledge; it should be noted that while the Lunar Knights are made up of those with martial skills and those skilled in the arcane arts. The Lunar Caretakers are, perhaps, the most mundane of the branches of the Lunar Order, but are no less important; the Lunar Caretakers have the duties of cleaning, cooking and repairing damage, significantly, they are also charged with maintaining the powerful wards which protects the Keep, the walls which guard it, and the systems of waterways that make besieging the Keep so difficult.  


The Lunar Order has a history dating back to the Age of Conquest, being founded in Conquest:910. The Moonlit Keep serves as the primary base for the Lunar Order, although the Keep was not built by the Order. The Moonlit Keep was an Elventine library or academy that was captured in the Age of Conquest by humans with much of its records, history, and even its name being lost in its fall to steel and flame. The Keep simply served as a fortress for centuries, before the Lunar Order captured the Keep from petty lords and restored its purpose, and made it one of the greatest bastions of learning in the known world. The Lunar Order has guarded the Moonlit Keep and the knowledge, from those who sought to topple it in the Age of Conquest, evil forces of undead, fiends, and the Crystal Catalyst during the Age of Blood, and the political turmoil of the Age of Contempt.  


The Lunar Order's primary purpose is that of gathering and protecting information, but the Order is also highly concerned with the preservation of its existence in a world hostile to it:   Protectors of Knowledge. The Lunar Order is committed to the preservation of all information regardless of how dangerous the information can be considered; indeed the beliefs of the Order can be summed up as knowledge alone is not evil. The Lunar Order has continually preserved information considered taboo or even immoral, as the Order believes that all knowledge can be used responsibly and morally to better serve all of Runetalras; to the chagrin of other kingdoms and organisations the Lunar Order has preserved texts relating to necromancy and fiendology, and even harbours practitioners of both. The Lunar Order not only seeks to preserve knowledge but also create it. The Order has gone to the extent of using necromancy to converse with dead and extraplanar creatures to transcribe new information.   Defenders of the Keep. The Lunar Order are committed to the defence of the Moonlit Keep at all costs. The Moonlit Keep is the pinnacle of the Lunar Orders work to restore and protect information, its loss would be unconscionable. The Lunar Order maintains great arcane wards and the subgroup of the Lunar Order the Lunar Knights.   Political Neutrality. The Lunar Order, typically, maintains political neutrality as to avoid unnecessary conflict with those who could do damage to the Moonlit Keep and threaten the work of the Order; this is not to say that the Order is crippled with inaction, the Order’s Lunar Knights traverse Runetalras seeking out threats that conventional forces are not well suited to address.  


The Lunar Order is primarily made up of those who seek to further their own personal knowledge or the knowledge of all of Runetalras. For its darker side there are those within the Order who use it as a cover to allow them to practice Forbidden Magic.  

Where the Faction Operates

The Lunar Order is most common throughout Runedastil ranging from Kingdom of Aran'Nack to Kingdom of Thaxnoria. They are also known to send agents throughout the known world to gather information and seek out threats.

Enlightenment is All

Founding Date
Educational, Library
Controlled Territories

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