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Kingdom of Sarvartar

The Kingdom of Sarvartar is a surface kingdom that broke away from the Kingdom of Makthoria after the eruption of the Black Mountain. Sarvartar abandoned its subterranean nature and instead took to the surface, where they reave from the Kingdoms around them to enrich and sustain their kingdom. They are known for enslaving those they capture and for constructing among the greatest ships in the Atarsid Isles, being able to traverse the seas around the Black Mountain. The Kingdom is built on its raiding, mercantile, and naval nature.


The lands that Sarvartar controls are for the most part sunburnt deserts, although there are relative green regions around rivers and oases. The Kingdom itself is located within the Atarsid Isles, the Kingdom of Makthoria is located to its South, and the Atarsid City-States to the West.


The Kingdom of Sarvartar has undergone great change since its emergence as a surface kingdom, its largest majorities are dwarves, gnomes, and genasi, while their are humans, elves, tieflings, half-orcs, dragonborn, goliath, and aasimar, as well as a number of monstrous races. There are also significant numbers of slaves made up of all races.


Some of the population of Sarvartar, particularly those of dwarvish and gnomish heritage worship the Morndinsamman, also known as the dwarven or Rock Gnome pantheon. There are no grand temples but instead modest chapels to the Morndinsamman. It is rare for priests to dedicate themselves to individual deities within the Morndinsamman, although it is not unheard of, instead most pay worship to the deity of the Morndinsamman most relevant to them at the time. Within Sarvartar the deity Kalerdun receives a disproportionate amount of worship.   Given the diverse makeup of the free peoples of Sarvartar a vast array of deities are worshipped ranging from the Atun-huni Pantheon, the Seldarine, to deities worshipped as far off as the Free States]. The same is true amongst the slaves of Sarvartar.

Racial Relations

The Kingdom of Sarvartar cares little for the race or ethnicity of its people. Instead it places empathise on free people and slaves, so long as a person is a free person their races does not matter, and a slave can be someone of any race.

Views on Magic

Sarvartar is broadly unconcerned with magic. They do see the value of mages in battle, as most Verang Raiders possess at least one mage per ship. When a slave is captured with the ability to manipulate the Weave their are either promptly sold off, or killed so they do not pose a threat to their Sarvartar slave masters.


The Kingdom of Sarvartar is not truly a kingdom, as there is no monarch or emperor. Instead regions of Sarvartar are ruled by clans, families that have become the leaders of multiple villages, towns, and cities. There is a great degree of freedom for each to rule as they see fit. The Seacrest Clan of the Sunburnt Hold are the most powerful with the largest territory; as a result they are seen as the de facto leaders of Sarvartar as they are the only Clan with the power and influence to force the other clans into unified action, although this is not done often.

International Relations

The people of Sarvartar have a good relationship with those of the Yhess Kingdoms as they serve as one of their primary markets. Sarvartar has a complex relationship with the Atarsid City-States, they slave from one another but also serve as important markets for trade. There is a even more hostile relationship with the neighbours, the Kingdoms of Makthoria, and Legvaren, as both oppose slavery and Sarvartar slaves on their territories.


As a general rule the free population of Sarvartar are provided with an education that suits their needs, as skilled crafts people, while members of the clans receive a high degree of in depth education. The slaves receive no eduction other than a whip.

Gender, Sexuality, and Inheritance

Within the Kingdom of Sarvartar gender identiy is not determined by the sex of a person when they are born; instead a person within Sarvartar is free to choose and change their gender identiy until they reach maturity. Once a person reaches their maturity as a part of their coming of age they must ‘set in stone’ the gender identity.   There are thee general recognised gender identities within Kingdom of Sarvartar, male, female, nonconforming. A person whose gender identity does not match their sex is treated the same as a person who sex matches their gender idenity. In general all gender identities are considered equal to one another.   Gender roles within Sarvartar are fluid and ill defined, meaning that a person of any gender identity is capable of rising high in any role or profession.   There is wide sexual freedom and acceptance within the society of Sarvartar, with relationships between same sexes being considered just as vaild and normal as any other.   The Kingdom of Sarvartar possess an absolute primogeniture which is a form of primogeniture in which sex is irrelevant for inheritance; this exists for all forms of inheritance from the monarchies to familial wealth.   Individuals like experienced adventurers and mages are often spared the worst of this system as a result of the power they oft possess.


To maximize the amount of water, and to feed aqueducts vast dams have been constructed, extensive road and port systems have been created to trade the various goods and slaves that the Verang Raiders capture.

Agriculture & Industry

Both the general agriculture and industry of the Sarvartar are inefficient as the result of slave labour. The specialist production of Sarvartar in terms of agriculture and industry are remarkably expert, as the free peoples have as much time as they desire to complete their complex works. Regardless the specialist production makes up a low proportion of economic activity, leaving slave labour the backbone of the economic system. Their are great ports which facilitate reaving, trading, and slaving.

We reap what you sow

Population: 525,000
Founding Date
Early in the Age of Conquest
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Major Exports
Sugar, Tea, Marble, Slaves, and low quality industrial products.
Major Imports
Cereal Grains, Silver, Gold, Dimeritium, Livestock, extra-regional foodstuffs, and high quality industrial products.

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