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The Weave is an echo plane of existence, much like the Feywild or Shadowfell, it seems to reflect aspects of Runetalras’ geography, cities, and zones of magic. The Weave is also the primary plane of magic, and indeed is where all arcane and natural magic is drawn from. The Weave is unlike most planes of existence, as its very fibre is weaved among all other Planes of Existence, and its presence can be felt throughout all of them. The Weave’s nature allows creatures to manipulate it and manifest their will to cast arcane spells. The casting of magic itself forces the Weave to literally change its make-up to manifest the caster's will and sends ripples throughout it. The Weave looks similar to a desolate environment devoid of traditional forms of life, flora and fauna take on strange forms and natural life forms are sparse. The only features resembling Runetalras are twisted and strange reflections of major cities, landmarks, and geological features. The Weave possesses no sun or moon to provide light, it is instead bathed in a never ending blue light which washes out all colours into varying shades of blue.  

Portals to the Plane

Portals to the Weave are most commonly spontaneous and short lived as they tend to be unstable in their nature. The areas around portals to the Weave can be dangerous, they are wild magic areas and can spontaneously manifest spells.   Spontaneous portals have been known to form in the mits of great battle that spellcast heavily participate in, within arcane workshops, and when mages control over their spellcasting is weak. Permanent portals to the Weave are rarer, forming around great veins of Weavite and the site of great arcane atrocities.

Powers of the Plane

  Lords of Weave   The weave aberrations are creatures that are native to the plane of existence known as the Weave; and as a result of the weave's very nature the weave aberrations are inherently connected to magic. weave aberrations are best understood as the Weave made manifest, their very being is arcane power. Some, either ancient or incredibly powerful, weave aberrations, known as Lords of Weave, have created vast kingdoms form themselves, carving out sections of the Weave in their image and subjugating weaker of their own kind.   Weave Stricken   The Weave Stricken are creatures from the Prime Material Plane that have become stranded within the Weave, over time these creatures have their bodies worn away by the raw energy of the Plane itself. Some of these people have not only survived but also thrived forming kingdoms of their own and becoming a true force within the Weave.  

Denizens of Weave

There are few native creatures to the Weave, those being the Primordial the Living Weave, weave aberrations, and arcane incarnates. The weave stricken have made the Weave their home, as have rogue spellcasters.


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