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On the other side of a thin planar barrier surrounding the Prime Material Plane sits a place of wonder and beauty, terror and darkness, hope and fear. It is the realm of ancient Archfey and powerful elves from times long since passed where the seasons stand frozen at the whim of bickering fey courts. This is the Feywild, also known as the Plane of Faerie, and it is a place of terrible beauty and glittering shadows.   Like the Shadowfell and the Weave, the Feywild is an echo of the Prime Material Plane, sitting like an overlay over the entire plane. Most people do not know it exists, though in certain areas known as ley lines the border becomes blurred, and in other regions spontaneous gates and portals open up allowing free travel between the two. Capricious fey creatures, from sprites and pixies to hags and quicklings, populate the realm. Many owe allegiance to one of the faerie courts, including the Summer Court, the Gloaming Court, and the Winter Court, but not all do, and some actively work against the powerful Archfey that rule the Plane   Fey are not the only inhabitants of the Feywild. Long ago, a race of giants pierced the planar veil and marched a mighty army through with intents to conquer the lush and bountiful land. They were not successful, and for their transgression they were cursed. These fomorians lurk in the darkness and shadows of the Feywild now, striking against all native creatures with as much power as they can muster, and their ruined fortresses still dot the landscape.   The Feywild is a place of natural danger, where the weather can turn deadly with no warning and the beasts of the forest prey on travellers with malice and hunger in their hearts. Time is a strange thing in the Feywild as well, and some travellers that leave find that more or less time has passed since when they left. For immortal fey creatures, this isn’t a problem, but mortal short-lived creatures can find that their loved ones and all they know are dead when they leave. This is one of the many reasons travellers to the Feywild end up staying.   Treasures abound in the Feywild as well, relics from ancient kingdoms of primordial elves known as eladrin.  

Portals to the Plane

As an echo plane, the Feywild exists simultaneously with the Prime Material Plane, which can make passing between the two surprising and sometimes frequent. Unlike most portals to other planes of existence, portals to the Feywild are remarkably consistent, although the methods to open them are not well understood. These portals form in ancient and untouched forests, places of unique beauty, fairy rings, and pools of water, they seem to only open for short periods of time when specific conditions are met.  

Powers of the Plane

Courts of the Feywild   Great swaths of the Feywild is under the direct influence of powerful courts, made up of various fey creatures including eladrin, hags, lycanthropes, and rarely Archfey themselves. Some are noble, some are wicked, but many of them obey ancient traditions of the Feywild that organise their powers into distinct courts. There are four primary major courts, those of Summer, Winter, Green, and Coral; but countless are said to exist with varying levels of power.   Archfey   Archfey are among the most powerful beings in the Feywild, and upon the mortal planes they are said to have powers that can rival the deities. Consciously or unconsciously, they transform their Feywild homes into reflections of their desires and complex personalities. Powerful Archfey such as the Summer Queen and the Queen of Air and Darkness rule vast domains, and their influence is so great that their courts stretch beyond the borders of their Domains of Delight to the far ends of the Feywild. Other, lesser known Archfey rule domains that are minuscule by comparison, but no less wondrous.  

Denizens of Fey

Numerous creatures inhabit the Feywild, from dryads, pixies, and satyrs, to blink dogs, yeth hounds, and faerie dragons. Some of these creatures are intelligent, many are playful, and more than a handful hold a dim view of mortal life. Travellers to the Feywild should trust no one, as illusion magic is common and enchantments can sometimes fall like rain. Beasts, countless forms of fey, Firbolg, and eladrin also make their home within the Plane.


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