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Archfey are among the most powerful beings in the Feywild, and upon the mortal planes they are said to have powers that can rival the deities. Consciously or unconsciously, they transform their Feywild homes into reflections of their desires and complex personalities. Powerful archfey such as the Summer Queen and the Queen of Air and Darkness rule vast domains, and their influence is so great that their courts stretch beyond the borders of their Domains of Delight to the far ends of the Feywild. Other, lesser known archfey rule domains that are minuscule by comparison, but no less wondrous.   Archfey are not a specific race of people, instead each is a unique creature; they are creatures transformed by fey powers, awaken spirits of nature, natural forces, incarnations of animals, or individuals who embody the fey powers of the Feywild. Some archfey are clearly recognisable as individuals of certain races, with hags and eladrin being notable.   Archfey are said to be incredibly difficult to truly kill, as they are known to be able to restore themselves to life after an indeterminable amount of time. It is, however, said that when an Archfey becomes embodied, so too is a nemesis object, a unique item capable of truly killing that specific Archfey. Nemesis objects are said to be thematically opposed to the Archfey they are manifested to destroy.

Notable Archfey

  Baba Yaga, Mother of All Witches   Hyrsam, the Prince of Fools   Neifion, the Lord of Bats   Nintra Siotta, the Princess of Shadow Glass   Oberon, the Green Lord   The Prince of Frost   Queen of Air and Darkness   The Stag King, a dark fey who dwelled in Rashemen   Titania, the Queen of the Seelie Court   Verenestra the Oak Princess   Kannoth, the Vampire Lord of Cendriane   Zybilna, the Ruler of Prismeer and the patron of the Witchlight Carnival

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