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Old Garstil

Old Garstil is one of many successor states to the Elventine Empire, however, it does not style itself as one and instead rejects the idea of kingdoms and the abuse and destruction they lead to.


Old Garstil is located within the Western portion of the Elnurian Forest, the largest forest in all of Runetalras, at the centre of the Runedastil continent. The Kingdom borders many of the Free States to the North and West, although through logging their territories are in a state of decline. In the East it borders the kingdoms of Caedreonand in the South Kingdom of Elnusari, but the actual borders between these kingdoms are ill defined and in a state of non-violent flux.


The vast majority of the population of Old Garstil are gnomes, with the only significant minorities being elves, dryads, and firbolgs. It is possible for rare members of the other races to be allowed within Old Garstil but only when they are trusted.


For the most part, the population of Old Garstil practice ancestor worship. There are temples to the ancestors, but most worship takes place at home,with small shrines to their ancestors. However, there are temples and worshipers who pay homage to deities, most oft the Seldarine and other natural or arcane deities.

Racial Relations

The peoples of Old Garstil are not as a rule discriminatory, but they are excusatory and display a deep mistrust of outsiders regardless of their race.

Views on Magic

The peoples of Old Garstil recognise magic can be dangerous, but try to mitigate this danger with knowledge, and lessons in controlling magical capabilities. Magic and mages are also essential to the isolation and secrecy of Old Garstil, as it is their mages to Weave spells to conceal the location of Old Garstil, leaving a largely positive view of magic within the Kingdom


Old Garstil has no established government, nor does it have a political leader. Old Garstil is in effect an anarchy, where each person helps one another. There is however, a greater importance placed upon the words of elders who hold more sway over Old Garstil.

International Relations

Old Garstil maintains a remarkably low profile, the kingdom is known to come into conflict with Free States as they press into the Elnurian Forest, although the Free States rarely know it is the peoples of Old Garstil they clash with. Old Garstil maintains friendly relations with the kingdoms of Caedreon and Elnusari, and have even formed the Elnurian Alliance, who all work to preserve the Elnurian Forest and protect one another.


All of those within Old Garstil are provided a rounded education to a decent standard, as they believe education is fundamental to the maintenance of a good society.

Gender, Sexuality, and Inheritance

The society of the Old Garstil generally recognises a vast multitude of gender identities. Within Old Garstil the various genders are wholly equal to one another, just as any person within Old Garstil is equal to another. Whilst the majority of Old Garstil identify as gender identity associated with their birth sex, there are many who are gender fluid or whose gender idenity differs to that of their birth sex; these people are recogniseds as wholly equal.   There is wide sexual freedom and acceptance within the society of Old Garstil, with relationships between same sexes being considered just as vaild and normal as any other.   There are few titles or roles passed down through bloodlines, but those that do exist are based upon seniority. For the purpose of inheritance estates are split equally.


Old Garstil has no roads connecting their villages, as to best keep them hidden. As the majority of the settlements within Old Garstil are villages, only small and modest sewage systems exist, and while wells are common there are no known aqueducts within Old Garstil.

Agriculture & Industry

Old Garstil has only moderate production of both foodstuffs and consumer goods. Broadly speaking Old Garstil itself is sufficient, in terms of agriculture and the production of consumer goods. When it comes time for the harvest the gnomes of Old Garstil help each other to bring in the harvest, the same is true for constructing buildings the gnomes of the village help each other. Likewise the economy of Old Garstil is based upon a gift economy, with gnomes with an abundance helping those with little.

In secrecy prosperity

Founding Date
Early in the Age of Contact
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Gift economy

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