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Unvanquished Domain

The Unvanquished Domain is a relatively new kingdom in the history of Runetalras, being formed in 549:Contempt after the Crusade for the Underhold. The kingdom is made up of a diverse group of refugees, crusaders, and former slaves of many races, including the largest populations many of the races typically found within the Underdark.


At present the Unvanquished Domain consists of the Undermount, the capital city, and a few supporting villages and hamlets. The Undermount is located in the west of the continent of Undras and the northern shores of the Seiube River Close to its western mouth. The Unvanquished Domain is almost completely surrounded by territory claimed by the Yhess Kingdoms.


The population of the Unvanquished Domain is far homogeneous. Much of the population of the Domain was brought to it as a result of war and strife. Duergar, Gnomes, Drow, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, and Orcs that were displaced from the Underdark by the Wars of Undeath make their home in the domain. Other ethnicities of Dwarves and Gnomes arrived as a result of the Crusade for the Underhold, as did many of the other races, either joining in the crusade or being freed from the slavery of the Yhess Kingdoms.


There is no official or state religion within the Unvanquished Domain, however, it is said that one hundred and one faiths are observed with the Domain. The diversity amongst deities is the result of its varied cultural make up.

Racial relations

The Unvanquished Domain is a melting pot of cultures and races, this makes it one of few locations where many of these cultures come into contact with one another. Whilst there are no laws which are explicitly racist in nature, there have been notable and bloody programs in the Domain’s recent history mostly aimed at the peoples from the Underdark.

Views on Magic

Given the vast differences in the population of the Unvanquished Domain there are a great deal of competing views on magic ranging from viewing it as an existential threat to it being a positive and useful tool like any other. There are few laws regarding magic within the Domain, although casting spells in public without a permit is a crime.   The Domain is not a participant in the Arcane Bastille system.


The Domain is ruled by the Collective Council, made up of the recognised ‘blocs’ of the Unvanquished Domain. Each bloc represents various racial, ethnic, or cultural identities and has one voice and vote in the Collective Council. Presently the recognised blocs are the Remnants of Barakmycos, Free Peoples, Order of Crusaders, Stone Folk, Orcs of the Deep, and Union of Goblinoids, with the Organised Quaggoth and Breakaway Drow under consideration. All decisions within the Collective Council are made by simple majority, and the Council empowers generals and governors to enact their will.

International Relations

The Unvanquished Domain was reliant upon other nations for its creation, particularly the Kingdom of Aran'Nack, Northern Defensive Union, and Republic of Valantia. It was these kingdoms, with the Underdark survivors of the Wars of Undead, who launched the Crusade for the Underhold. Since the founding of the Unvanquished Domain, these kingdoms have maintained this friendly relationship, and a significant amount of economic and military support.   The relationships Unvanquished Domain with its closest neighbours, the Yhess Kingdoms, are infamously bad; this is understandable given the Crusade for the Underhold was targeted against the Yhess Kingdoms and resulted in the Yhess Kingdom’s loss of territory. The Unvanquished Domain and Yhess Kingdoms have since been engaged in small scale conflicts, border skirmishes, and flirt on the edge of full scale war.


There is a lack of education system within the Unvanquished Domain. Those less able receive none save for that which their families are able to provide, this is unless they are given to the countless religious or military orders that can be found within the Domain. Those more able, merchants and nobility, are able to fund their children’s education through schools and tutors.

Gender, Sexuality, and Inheritance

As a result of the Unvanquished Domain cultural melting pot, not just of surface races but those that dwelled within the Underdark, there are a multiplicity of views on gender and sexuality, some freeing and others restrictive. There are however, few laws which restrict an individual’s choice regarding their identity, however, there are also few laws which prevent discrimination for against identity. Inheritance is, however, a simple matter within the Domain, the elder offspring receives all that which was their parents.


The Infrastructure, roads and aqueducts, are poor within the Unvanquished Domain, a result of its recent founding. Additionally, the efforts of the Domain to develop them have been resisted with force and sabotage by the Yhess Kingdoms who seek to prevent the Domain from maturing.

Agriculture & Industry

Cast furnaces, smithies, and brickworks have been established within the Unvanquished Domain to feed the construction of the Kingdom, and also feed the small conflicts with the Yhess Kingdom and the expected wars.   Agriculture has received less investment, and is thus less developed than the industry within the Domain. This has left the Domain dependent upon foodstuff shipped from its allies, a situation which is becoming increasingly costly. Additionally, there are fears that a naval blockade by the Yhess Kingdoms would endanger the survival of the entirety of the Domain.

We are never Vanquished

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom

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