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Corsairs of the Stormy Seas

It would be inaccurate to describe the Corsairs of the Stormy Seas as an organisation, they are instead a loosely aligned group of individual pirates, raiders, ship captains, and of course corsairs; there is frequent infighting and members are only barely kept in line by charismatic pirate kings who replace one another sometimes at an alarming rate, and oft bloodily.


The Corsairs of the Stormy Seas do not have a consistent presence in the history of Runetalras, they are instead the successors to countless groups and organisation of pirates and criminals who have, throughout the Ages, set themselves up in the same location; so firmly ties to criminals that the region is known as the Outlaw Isles.   The Corsairs of the Stormy Seas themselves are believed to be the longest standing organisation of pirates that is believed to have existed in the Outlaw Isles; as most existed for little more than a generation or decades before being put down by the likes of Corth, the Copperlands, Ardenals, or Kingdom of Thaxnoria.   The Corsairs were formed and solidified its existence during the Second Thaxnorian Civil War when powers were distracted. During this time the Corsairs grew in strength, numbers, and built fortifications to defend the Isles. Various actors have attempted to destroy the Corsairs and purge the Isles of outlaws, all have failed due to their command over the Seas.


Plunder The Corsairs of the Stormy Seas believe that it is not just their right but their duty to capture goods and wealth from those who choose not to give it the adequate protection they deserve. This leads the Corsairs to plunder whatever they can.   Ambition The Corsairs of the Stormy Seas believe that the powerful should be challenged by those below them, and that only the powerful and cunning rule. This leads to a system of backstabbing and one where the strong and smart rule ships and the Corsairs.   Safe Harbour The Corsairs of the Stormy Seas provide safe harbour in the Outlaw Isles for those who choose to sail under its banner. Captains provide a fee and in return they are free to repair their ships, restock their provisions, hire more crew, sell plunder, and put aside their rivalries as it is forbidden for Corsairs to take up arms against one another in the Outlaw Isles.


The Corsairs of the Stormy Seas made of charming rogues who steal from the wealthy merchants to brutal pricks to who rape, reave, and inslave. The Corsairs, as a whole, have no unified ideology other than the shared desire to capture wealth.


The vast majority of the Corsairs of the Stormy Seas are sailors and those who grew up upon the waves of Runetalras. They are those who can rig a mast, but also those who fight at the same time - they are not picky on the manner in which a person does either and remarkably accepting of all. This means that the Corsairs of the Stormy Seas are made up of genuinely good people seeking to oppose unjust authority, those who only seek coin to make a good living, and those willing to sell their mother into slaveryfor a coin.

Where the Faction Operates

The Corsairs of the Stormy Seas’ sails can be found through the waters of most of Runetalras, they are most at home in the Sea of Storms, and in the seas off of Kingdom of Thaxnoria, the Wild Isles, Infernal-Draconic Ascendancy, Kasari Dominion, and Velgan Empire. They can sometimes be found within the Seuibe River, however the Purple Sail prevent any large incursion from the Corsairs.
Symbol: Worn and washed out blue sails   Motto: Plunder is ours

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