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Northern Defensive Union

The Northern Defensive Union is an economic, political, and military union of Free States, it is comprised of the Free States Agathel, Cadurcil, Forthal, Kansura, and Katrua. The Free States are united by their opposition to and conflict with the Yhess Kingdoms and the Kingdoms of Righteous Flame.   The Defensive Union was created in 533:Conquest as a reaction to what are called the Wars of Betrayal or the Radiant Crusade depending upon who and where one asks. During the Wars the Free States Runia and Toc’Vastil launched a campaign to expand their territory, against their neighbouring Free States. Kansura was one of their targets, but it was able to withstand siege and Agathel, Cadurcil, Forthal, and Katrua came to its aid, the result was the formation of the Defensive Union, which is broadly seen as the successor to the Seuibe Alliance.  


It is said that there is a deity for every person within the Free States; while this is clearly false there is some merit to it. By far and away the Free States pay reverence to the largest number of deities. However, given the cultural roots, the deities worshipped within the Yhess Kingdoms are particularly common.   See Religion in Runetalras and Religion in the Free States.  

Racial Relations

Within the Defensive Union racial relations with the Elder Races have a quirk as a result of geopolitical relations; nonhumans as a whole face a lack of legal protection and few legal recourses when crimes are committed against them. They are often restricted to live in slums not as a result of laws but instead economic inequality and racism. Dwarves and gnomes are saved from these inequalities, as a result of legal protection and their integration into the financial system.  

Views on Magic

The Defensive Union adheres to the Toc’vastil Accords which defines its relationship towards magic. They believe that magic is dangerous, it is a sword without a hilt, as such all magic save the divine is illegal within the kingdoms, all mages are imprisoned within the Arcane Bastille and kept in check by the Brightswords . Those who resist imprisonment are hunted by the Brightswords , being captured or killed. Casting magic in public is likely to lead to violence and imprisonment.  


The Defensive Union is an economic, political, and military union of Free States, it is comprised of the Free States Agathel, Cadurcil, Forthal, Kansura, and Katrua. It is ruled by the First Council in which monarchs represent the Free States of Agathel, Cadurcil, and Katrua, while appointed council member envoys represent the Free States of Forthal and Kansura.  

International Relations

Within the Free States the Defensive Union maintains broadly positive relations with the Union of Crowns and the United Five Kingdoms of Bar Sunda, Hunters Wrath, Loc Now, Surentra, and Warthnow. It also has a long standing alliance with the Kingdom of Aran’Nack. The Yhess Kingdoms and the Kingdoms of Righteous Flame are viewed with broad disdain, with frequent conflict from raids and are practically on the verge of war. The Kingdom of Thaxnoria is also viewed with distrust considering their support of the Kingdoms of Righteous Flame  


Like most human kingdoms the peoples of the Defensive Union are not entitled to any form of education. Children thus receive their necessary education from family, friends, townsfolk, or employers. There are exceptions to their rule, the nobles and wealthy are able to afford tutors or to send their children to private schools or academies. Another option are the various churches and cults who instruct children in a wide variety of subjects ranging from history, to religion, to the natural world.

United we Stand, United we Stay

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
The Defensive Union
Predecessor Organization

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