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The continent of Talduras is one of the two most southerly continents of the Known World. To its east are the Draconic Isles, Wild Isles, and the Sea of Storms, its south the Frozen Ocean, its west the continent of Taunas, and its north the continent of Runedastil.  


The continent is dominated by the Rhiner River which flows through much of the continent’s heartlands, it is the second largest river in the Known World, second only to the Seuibe River. The Heart Lake is another important body of water, and one seemingly created by a large impact.   Mountains are a common sight among the plains and forests of the continent, the most significant ranges being the Iron Range and Cold Range. Whilst forests cover much of the landmass of the Great Elder Woods still stand out as large and expansive woodlands.   The Kasari Badland stand out as blight and blemish upon the continent. The Badlands are, geographically speaking, a recent arrival being formed during the Age of Blood when demon and dioblic hosts fought, bled, and died en masse in the lands; their corrupting essence was soaked into the earth and befouled it. Currently the lands are broadly considered uninhabitable, they are practically devoid of life and dark remnants haunt the Badlands.


The Kasari Dominion lays claim to the entirety of the continent, although practically it is impossible for most kingdoms to maintain absolute control over the wilds of Talduras.

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