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Kirthlath was the centre of humanity and the Kingdom of Avadel, but the city and its people grew dark. A faction sought power and attempted to usurp the power of planes. They failed and tore open the planes of existence, leading to the Age of Blood and suffering never known in the recorded history of Runetalras. Avadel was obliterated, its ruins now litter the Range, but at the heart of the Seldori Range the ruins of Kirthlath remains.   Twisted peaks spear through the city, fissure separate streets and buildings, and mountains have formed where none were before. Only one structure stands the Black Tower of Kirthlath, once the centre of the Kingdom of Avadel political and arcane power.   It is said that strange lights and powers can still be seen flowing from the ruined city of Kirthlath and Black Tower in the night.   Horrors are known to dwell within the ruined city, with all manners of monstrosities, undead, elementals, and weave aberrations attacking any foolish enough to attempt to travel there. Magic is also known to work strangely surrounding Kirthlath, with teleportation and divination being particularly prone to failure and malfunction. As a result, incredibly few individuals have seen the ruins and lived to tell the tale.  

Secrets discovered

Whilst few have seen the ruins even fewer know what they hold. During their adventures the Heroes of the Free States discovered a strange anti-magic field that encompassed the entirety of the Black Tower, which also harmed and aged those within it. They were able to see into the Tower, where they saw the Lost 36 of Order of the Dawn, the 8 members of the Blood Swept Council and Annix the Black all trapped within a magical ritual; the latter of which was encased within a strange beam of arcane energy.

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