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Tyr (Teer)

Tyr is worshipped as a deity of justice, and the faithful pray to him for intervention or strength to bring about justice.

Where the Cult Thrives

Tyr is primarily worshipped within Thaxnoria as a part of the Octurn.

Tenets of the Faith

Tyr is worshipped as a deity of justice and righteous vengeance. When a person is wronged by another, they may pray to the Evenhand for intervention or strength to bring about justice. The Evenhand is primarily seen as a deity of justice, favouring trials and judgement by rightful Lords. However, when there is no path to justice because of corruption, the dogma of the Evenhand supports taking justice into one's own hand. The dogma of the Evenhand has some prescribed laws, such as the monarchy, clergy, and nobility having a monopoly on justice, the guilty must be punished regardless of station, treason is amongst the greatest crimes, and deceitfulness being an utmost sin.   The followers of Tyr come from all walks of life, including smallfolk, merchants, crafters, nobles, and the monarchy. They all seek the protection that the faith of Tyr and the Octurn bring.


Temples to the Evenhand are places of worship, study, and martial practice. The temple structures favour stark and austere, lacking finery and ostentatious flair.


The priests of the Cult of the Evenhand have a dichotomy to them, normally they clad themselves in robes and wield books, while when they must dispense justice they are clad in steel and wield warhammers. They are expected to be devout, know the dogma and laws, and dispense justice themselves.

Depictions of the Deity

Tyr is often depicted as an older male Human, with long hair and a large beard both greying brown. He wears plate armour and is depicted as having a warhammer attached to him via a leather strap. He is known as the Evenhand and the Lord of Justice. His symbol is a balanced scale resting on a warhammer and his domains are Knowledge, Order, and War.


Lords of Even Justiceare a military-judicial order dedicated to the deity Tyr and upholding their view of order and justice. They are empowered to enact their version of justice, within the Kingdom of Thaxnoria during times of war, strife, or conflict.
Titles: The Evenhand, the Lord of Justice   Alignment: Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral    Symbol: Balanced scales resting on a warhammer   Domains: Knowledge, Order, War
Religious, Organised Religion

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