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Radiant Lady

The Radiant Lady is a deity with a widespread following throughout Runetalras. She is the patron of fire, righteousness, and is often associated with purification through flame. Sects of her faith are the official religions of the Kasari Dominion and Velgan Empire, while her following is also strong within the Free States, and especially in the Kingdoms of Righteous Flame where a sect is its state religion.

History and Sects

The history of the Radiant Lady's faith is closely tied to the Age of Blood, a period of history marked by widespread strife, death, and destruction caused by the use of magic. Prior to this age, the Radiant Lady's faith was relatively obscure and had little following outside of Runia and Toc’Vastil. However, during the Age of Blood, the followers of the Radiant Lady played a vital role in putting an end to the conflict and in the aftermath, their efforts and faith were rewarded as belief in the Radiant Lady and her Eternal Flame blossomed and became amongst the more widespread deities in all of Runetalras.   There are four main sects of the Cult of the Eternal Flame: the Cult of the Ebony Flame, the Cult of the Crimson Flame, the Cult of the Eternal Flame, and the Union of Flame. Each sect has slightly different teachings and doctrines.

The Eternal Flame

The Cult of the Eternal Flame has its popularity within the Free States, and is the official religion of the Kingdoms of Righteous Flame, where it is the only religion that is legally permitted to be worshipped. The cult believes that the world is in a state of disarray due to non-believers and heathens, and that the chaos can only end once all people worship the Radiant Lady. The cult is highly centralised and hierarchical, with the High Priest serving as the primary source of canon and dogma throughout the cult. The followers of the Eternal Flame are highly intolerant of non-human races and magic users, and have been known to lead pogroms against them. They also preach against many forms of sexuality and relationships outside of heterosexual monogamy. The organisation of the cult includes acolytes, priests, and high priests, with the latter being responsible for the administration and management of the cult's resources. The priests of the Eternal Flame typically wear robes and are heavily involved in the worship and ceremonies of the cult.

The Ebon Flame

The Cult of the Ebony Flame is the official religion of the Velgan Empire and the most popular religion in the kingdom. The followers of the Ebon Flame believe that the Radiant Lady is the only true god, and that the world is in chaos due to the rejection of her worship. They have a strong hatred for non-humans and support the use of magic by the cult and state, but also support the Toc'vastil Accords and the Arcane Bastilles. The cult is closely linked with the monarchy of the Velgan Empire and is a large part of important state ceremonies. The faithful believe in virtues such as loyalty, sacrifice, and charity, but consider sins such as gambling, worshipping false deities, and non-heterosexual relationships as grave sins. The organisation of the cult includes training for the faithful, with a focus on education for orphans and those who dedicate themselves to the Lady. They also have a hierarchy of clergy and high clergy, with women being overrepresented. The priests lead worship and are leaders of local churches and chapels, while the high clergy are responsible for the administration of the church.

The Crimson Flame

The Cult of the Crimson Flame is the official religion of the Kasari Dominion, and a popular religion in the kingdom. The cult is fully integrated into the state structure of the Kasari Dominion and its leaders possess significant power and influence in the government. The cult's beliefs include that the Radiant Lady is the only true god, that arcane magic and mages are a threat to society, and that all must worship the Radiant Lady, including nonhumans. The cult is known for its strict moral code and its harsh punishments for those who do not follow it, and its priests are known to advocate for violence against mages. The organisation of the cult includes training and education for its members, and a hierarchy of priests and leaders who lead worship and manage the cult's resources.

The Union of Flame

The Union of Flame is a new sect that has emerged in the Uvani Hilllands. The Union combines the teachings of the Radiant Lady with those of Tempus, who is the ancestral deity of the region. The Radiant Lady is the goddess of fire, and righteousness, while Tempus is the god of war, battle, and strength. Together, they form a powerful combination that appeals to the people of the Uvani Hilllands, who value strength, courage, and the ability to defend themselves. The followers of the Union of Flame believe that through combat, the deities speak and that the righteous thing to do is settle disputes and determine the rightful leader through combat. They view the use of arcane magic as an abomination and believe that combat with steel is noble and divine. The priests and followers of the Union of Flame tend to be warriors and knights, and the temples dedicated to the Union of Flame are usually simple but strong, with thick walls and battlements, as well as areas for combat to determine who has the favour of the deities.
Titles: The Eternal Lady, the Eternal Flame, the Flame of the World   Alignment: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good, Lawful Evil, Neutral   Symbol: Silhouette of the Lady upon a fire burst   Domains: Flame, Grave, Knowledge, Life, Light, Order, Twilight, War
Religious, Organised Religion

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