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Orrak Aahgith (Oar-rack Aah-gath)

Orrak Aahgith in common the Great Homelands, was born with the destruction of Hathban and Garthedd, when the orcs overran the lands lead by the Great Kain Shokk Swiftshot, the Orc That Was Promised to destroy foul evil and unite his people. Became a significant power upon Runedastil.   Orrak Aahgith now rules over practically all the Rugged Pass in a single kingdom. Great Homelands has begun a vast state building process, and has taken the step of offering sanctuary to the so called monstrous race such as the goblinoids to join their kingdom as equals.  


Orrak Aahgith is located within the Rugged Pass on the continent Runedastil. The majority of the land of the Rugged Pass barren and hilly, which has forced the Kingdom to expand out to the North-West. To the East of Orrak Aahgith is the Union of Crowns, to the south is the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar, and to its north-east The United Five Kingdoms of Bar Sunda, Hunters Wrath, Loc Now, Surentra, and Warthnow.  


The population of Orrak Aahgith is very diverse, amongst the most diverse in all of Runetalras. The largest proportion are orcs, which significant populations of goblinoids, Goliath, drow, kobolds, ettin, ogre, tieflings, half-orcs and humans, with smaller populations of dwarves, elves, gnomes, Dragonborn, and halflings.  


There is no state religion within Orrak Aahgith, nor do the people of Orrak Aahgith seem overly concerned with organised religion. The number of religions found within Orrak Aahgith are contend with the Free States for the largest number of deities worshipped. The orcish pantheon are particularly common, as are the deities of the goblinoids, gnolls, drow, so too are the Seldarine, Morndinsamman, and Draconic Pantheon. The deities oft worshipped within the Free States are also common within Orrak Aahgith. See Religion in the Free States  

Racial Relations

It may be surprising that a kingdom that is viewed as brutal, cruel, and even evil have incredibly successfully integrated races. Race and ethnicity are broadly seen as wholly unimportant, rather the character and reputation of a person is far more important. As a result racial discrimation and violence are remarkably low, and othersiders seeking to discriminate along these lines are likely to experience violence themselves from the communities of Orrak Aahgith.  

Views on Magic

The peoples of Orrak Aahgith typically view magic with deep suspicion, recognising that magic has inherent dangers to it; as a result those who are unable to control their magic to the danger of communities are exiled. They do hold a deep reverence towards druidic and divine magics, viewing it as a blessing and tend to treat those with respect as advisors.  


Orrak Aahgith is ruled by a Great Kain who acts as its political and military leader, however, the Proven Council also functions as advisors and military generals who assist the Great Kain in ruling. Power with Orrak Aahgith is also highly devolved with communities free to rule themselves so long as they contribute to the Kingdom.  

International Relations

Orrak Aahgith have remarkably poor relations with other kingdoms, being viewed as an expansionist and violent upstart kingdom. The Kingdom is in an effective state of war with the Five United Kingdoms as a result of conflict over territories. Its other neighbours the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar and Union of Crowns are suspicious and contemptuous of Orrak Aahgith and prepare for conflict.  


Most all peoples of Orrak Aahgith are entitled to a communal education in the basic necessities, although it is not overly academic in nature. Higher education is quite uncommon throughout the Kingdom.  


Orrak Aahgith consists of many newly founded towns and villages, all with poor infrastructure, roads are little developed as are other forms of communication. Wells are common but among the best infrastructure that most villages and towns possess.  

Agriculture & Industry

Much like its infrastructure, the agriculture and industry of Orrak Aahgith are little developed. Its agriculture is plagued by inefficiencies, but more problematically arid lands not suited to crops. The industry of Orrak Aahgith is likewise poorly developed in all areas with the notable exception of its metalworking.

Greatness Incarnate

Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom

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