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Tel'Bacy, known as the Unbroken City, proudly stands against the Kilgarth Mountains, its towering granite walls serving as a formidable citadel. As a founding member of the Union of Crowns, Tel'Bacy voluntarily relinquished its sovereignty to join the union. Tel’Bacy has endured destruction throughout The Ages, however, Tel'Bacy has always been rebuilt stronger than before.


Tel'Bacy was first founded by humans on the site of gnomish ruins in the Age of Conquest, though a gnomish source claims that it was those settlers of Tel'bacy that turned the gnomish settlement into ruins.   Tel'Bacy is believed to have found meagre success though the Age of Conquest as a vassal of the Kingdom of Avadel.   The Age of Blood that the Kingdom of Avadel brought on destroyed Tel'Bacy when the fiendish hordes rampaged Runedastil. Tel'Bacy was again resettled after the Siege of Runia, by the Order of the Dawn. Tel'Bacy was wrecked during the breakup of the Order of the Dawn but remained until the Crystal Cataylst, in its own death throes, sacked and burned Tel'Bacy to the ground.   Tel'Bacy was however, again reconstructed between 3: Contempt and 35: Contempt. The City was again sacked and destroyed by the rampaging Black Teeth orcish horde in 126:Contempt. Tel'Bacy was once again sacked and greatly damaged during the War of Thaxnorian Expansion in 414: Contempt, and occupied until 425: Contempt, the city then went on to be destroyed during the Free League Wars in 439:Contempt.   While the Tel'Bacy has been destroyed, and its people have bled neither have been truly broken; each time Tel'Bacy has faced adversity its people have come together once more and the city rebuilt bigger and stronger. This has led to a great deal of social cohesion, with the mortal races working together remarkably well, with the exception of the followers of the Eternal Lady.   From the late 400s:Contempt Tel'Bacy prospered from challenging the Republic of Valantia’s dominance over trade, and its merchant and middle classes have increasingly grown.   It was Tel’Bacy that first proposed the creation of the Union of Crowns between Enarsel, Feloc, Pathral, Tel'Bacy, and Velfauna; and it was with the work of Thomas Hillcrest and the Heroes of the Free States that the Union came to be.

Demography and Population

Tel’Bacy has a Human majority population, dwarves, gnomes, and elves comprise significant minorities, while other races are less populous but still present.

Military and Architecture

Tel'Bacy is renowned for its impressive defensive structures. The city's granite walls were completed after seventy years of construction and are thirty feet tall and ten feet thick at their lowest point. Fortified gatehouses guard even the smallest gates, and an inner wall stands forty feet tall within the city. Countless fortifications, guardhouses, and garrisons further strengthen the lower and upper city. Tel'Bacy's architecture is utilitarian, emphasising function over artistic value, with a military motif and buildings constructed primarily with timber and stone. The city's infrastructure includes the Royal Mines, a fallback position with origins predating the city's first Human settlement.

Economy and Education

Tel'Bacy's economy relies on two primary pillars: mining resources from the Kilgarth Mountains and agricultural activities.


The city's education system primarily benefits the wealthy, who receive private tutoring, while lower classes have limited access to formal education, with some opportunities available through service in temples or churches. However, the state mandates that all children between the ages of ten and sixteen receive combat training with weapons such as spears, shields, bows, and crossbows.


Tel'Bacy's infrastructure is characterised by a lack of sewage systems in lower-class areas and slums, while wealthier districts have better facilities. Water is primarily drawn from deep wells and supplemented by aqueducts tapping into underground dwarven water sources.

Defeated but Never Broken

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