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Order of the Dawn

The Order of the Dawn is best known for its activities during the Age of Blood and also its implosion at the Age’s end.   Much of Runetalras was thrown into violence and chaos during the Age of Blood and for centuries the realms of mortals suffered. Where kingdoms could not protect their peoples orders and factions took the lead fighting the threats of fiends, undead, and Weave Aberration. These groups were oft based upon Religious Orders, however, other factions were secular in their makeup. These groups helped save lives but were wholly insufficient at steaming the forces of evil, as time passed these groups came to recognise these failures. The result was a decades-long process of the formation of the Order of the Dawn.   The Order of the Dawn was so named as it was supposed to bring about the end to the long nightmare that was the Age of Blood, as it can be said that it did much to achieve this purpose. Many broken orders, including the Enduring Penitents, Lords of the Storm, and Vigilant Watch, banded together to proclaim that dawn would come. The Order of the Dawn did much to rally together the realms of mortals, and played a significant role during the Siege of Runia where the Avatars of Demogorgon and Orcus were slain. While the Avatars were slain the Mantle was still breached, this allowed the other planes of existence easy access to wreak havoc throughout Runetalras. The Order of the Dawn could not tolerate, and while the realms of mortals bickered, they acted.   The Order Master of the Order of the Dawn, Sigga Helvahammer, led three dozen of the Order’s greatest on a perilous journey to the Ruins Kirthlath, where the Age of Blood had been brought about. None know what truly occurred at the Ruins Kirthlath, but the Three Dozen were never seen again and the Mantle was repaired and Runetalras saved from extra-planar threats.   At the time, it was thought the Age of Blood was ended, the Order of the Dawn turned inwards in a bitter argument over their purpose, which was an omen of things to come. During that period the Order of the Dawn were paralysed and blind to all else, this failure allowed the Crystal Catalyst to grow in power and pull Runetalras further into the Age of Blood.   As the Crystal Catalyst became a clear threat to all Runetalras the Order of the Dawn were roused as if from a dream. They enter a five century long conflict with the Crystal Catalyst which extinguished a great many lives, and almost destroyed the known world. As the defeat of Crystal Catalyst was all but assured, the Order of the Dawn turned inwards once more, to discuss their role in the future of Runetalras, with disastrous results. A war of wars turned to civil war, known as the Breaking of the Order, instead of dealing with the threat of the Crystal Catalyst they kill one another and tore apart everything they stood for. By the time the Breaking of the Order was ended the Crystal Catalyst and its capital Garthedd had been destroyed in an arcane explosion without the presence of the Order.   With the Order in ruins and its propose ended only remnants of the Order of the Dawn played a part in the aftermath of the Age of Blood.   Since the Order of the Dawn’s spectaculair implosion many groups have proclaimed themselves the Order of the Dawn reborn, but none have lasted long.

Forward to the Dawn

approximately - 300:Blood - 1054:Blood

Military, Army

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