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Forest Gnome

Forest gnomes are a small and reclusive race. The forest gnomes, like other gnomes, are more inclined to make their home within the kingdoms of other races; primarily within the kingdoms of the dryads, wood elves, high elves, and blade elves. The forest gnomes have almost totally integrated themselves into the societies and culture of the dryads and elves. The forest gnomes are, typically, a timid people and are loathed to leave their home kingdoms into the wilds of Runetalras.  

Physical Description

  Even compared to other gnomes, the forest gnomes appear even more stunted than the short race; with forest gnomes rarely growing over 2'5" (76.2 cm) and 30 lbs (13.6 kg). Like most of the mortal races males are both taller and heavier than females, though not significantly. Unlike other gnomes, forest gnomes generally grow their hair long and free, feeling neither the need nor desire to shave or trim their hair substantially, though males often do take careful care of their beards, trimming them to a fine point or curling them into hornlike spikes. Forest gnome skin is an earthy color and looks, in many ways, like wood, although it is not particularly tough. Forest gnome hair tends to brown or black, though it grays with age, sometimes to a pure white. Like other gnomes, forest gnomes generally live for centuries, although their life expectancy is a bit longer than is the case for either rock or deep gnomes; three hundred is the average life expectancy of a forest gnome.  


  The only majority gnomish kingdom named in all the known world is Old Garstil, compromise almost totally of the various gnomish ethnicities. The Kingdom of Elnusari, and Caedreonpossess high numbers of forest gnomes, while Selu’Qidar and a number of the Free States possess a sizable gnomish population. Similarly, within both Aine Aevon of the Kasari Dominion and Caedvin of the Velgan Empire the forest gnomes population rivals that of the wood elves.
Parent ethnicities

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