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Wood Elf

Wood elves are the second most populous of the elven races, outnumbered only by the city elves. Wood elves view themselves as the heirs to the cultural lifestyle of the ancient ancestors of the Elventine, and the guardians of their forest homes.  

Physical Description

    Wood elves have skin that ranges from pale to coppery skin, and commonly possess green, brown, hazel eyes. Wood elves tend to dress in simple clothes, and typically simple earthy colours, with few ostentatious dyes, which allows the wood elves to blend into their natural environment. The wood elves also commonly wear leather armours, even when not in immediate threat. Wood elves are among the smallest of the elven ethnicities, with the city elves being the only ethnicities typically smaller. Wood elves are among the most muscular and physically strong of the elven ethnicities, with only the blade elves commonly stronger.  


  The only true kingdom of the wood elves is the Kingdom of Elnusari, found within the great Elnurian Forest; which has a wood elven majority. A number semi-autonomous regions with high numbers or majority populations of wood elves do exist, those being Aine Aevon of the Kasari Dominion and Caedvin of the Velgan Empire. Wood elves can however, be found in forested areas throughout much of the known world, been found as far north as the Atarsid Isles
Parent ethnicities

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