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Smouldering Swords

The Smouldering Swords are an offshoot of the Brightswords, and strongly aligned with the Cult of the Eternal Lady to the point of being, effectively, a militant arm of the faith. They work to protect the weak, defend Runetalras from mages, and further the faith of the Eternal Lady.


The Smouldering Swords identify as having a long history, dating back to at least the Age of Contact. During that Age the Smouldering Swords were founded by Twelve Converts. The Twelve Converts discovered the Eternal Flame, founded the Cult of the Eternal Lady and city of Toc’Vastil; to defend their discovery and creations the Converts found the Smouldering Swords, and order of militant warriors of the faith.   During the Age of Contact and Age of Conquest the Smouldering Swords worked to defend and carve out a territory for Toc’Vastil. Despite coming to conflict with the elder races, other humans, and monstrous creatures, both Smouldering Swords and Cult of the Eternal Lady languished in relative obscurity.   It was only the emergence of The Age of Blood and the magical threats it entailed that brought the Smouldering Swords, and indeed Cult of the Eternal Lady, to prominence; as the Smouldering Swords excelled at combating some of the Age's greatest threats, mages and weave aberrations being the most prominent. So effective were the Smouldering Swords that they received a place at the negotiating table as the fate of Runetalras was decided with the Toc’vastil Accords. The Accords brought an end to the Smouldering Swords, as the organisation was co opted into the Arcane Bastille system where The organisation abandoned its official ties to The Eternal Lady and became The Brightswords.   History has proven that the Smouldering Swords were not so easily put to rest. At various times throughout the Age of Contempt rebellious sects of the Brightswords have declared themselves the Smouldering Swords reborn only to fade out or be out down. The true re-emergence of Smouldering Swords came with the War of the Lower Free State - as it is known in Thaxnoria, or the Second War of Thaxnorian Expansion - as it is known in the Free States. The Brightswordsof Toc’Vastil and Runia renounced their duties and joined with those Free States in war, in doing so they created the reformed Smouldering Swords.


The Smouldering Swords remarkably simple:   Protect the Weak. The Smouldering Swords believe part of their duty is to protect small folk and weak of Runetalras; this is primarily from magic, mages, and monstrous creatures, however they have been known to extend this to monterious people - thugs, brigands, and murderers. The Smouldering Swords also do not except pay for their services in this regard.   Protect Runetalras from Magic. The Smouldering Swords believe, not without merit, that arcane magic and mages pose a great danger to all of Runetalras. Further this danger can only be resolved by keeping mages on short leashes, preferably one with a gag, and magic items sealed off from abuse.   Further the Eternal Flame. The Smouldering Swords are dogmatic in their devotion to the Eternal Lady and her faith. This devotion has effectively rendered the Smouldering Swords a militant arm of the Cult of the Eternal Lady.


The dogma of the Smouldering Swords can be interpreted in a variety of ways, from strictly imprisoning mages to murderous cleanings. The members of the Smouldering Swords can also vary from honourable knights seeking to protect to zealous thugs who enjoy assaulting and abusing mages.

Where the Faction Operates

The Smouldering Swords operate primarily within northern Free States, however they are known to have more secret members within the rest of the Free States, Thaxnoria, Kasari Dominion, Velgan Empire, and Republic of Valantia, who typically are openly members of the Brightswords.
Symbol: A Sword aflame    Motto: Our Hearts Burn with Faith

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