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Deneir (Den-Near)

Where the Cult Thrives

The Cult of Deneir has much of its popularity throughout the Free States and Yhess Kingdoms, though none can say that worship is truly popular.

Tenets of the Faith

Followers of Deneir believe that information that is not recorded and saved for later use is information effectively lost, which is something that they find unconscionable. They seek and work to preserve information in written forms, which they catalogue and preserve. They also work to spread literacy among the cities and towns they are present within. This is not to say that the Cult of Deneir shares all the information that they gather; that is far from the case, as the Cult maintains restricted information, they believe is dangerous or could be misused. The followers of Deneir tend to be writers, artists, scribes, bards, wizards, and all those who seek knowledge.


The temples to Deneir look more like libraries or universities than the temples to other deities. They are dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of knowledge and literature. The greatest temple to Deneir in the known world is the Moonlit Keep which also host temples to other deities of knowledge, the Lunar Order, and one of the greatest collections of knowledge in all of Runetalras.


The Cult of Deneir tends to be individualistic, losing themselves in their research, the Cult is more similar to a connection of sages sharing information between one another.

Depictions of the Deity

Deneir is not typically depicted in a humanoid form, instead the imagery of a candle or eye is used to represent them.


The Lunar Order is a monastic academic and militant organisation dedicated to the protection of the Moonlit Keep and the knowledge contained within. They are associated with Deneir, and their primary purpose is that of gathering and protecting information   Deneir’s Light is an organisation strongly linked to worship of the deity Deneir, they are an order that are dedicated to the protection and creation of information regardless of its nature. They are prominent within the Yhess Kingdoms , where the more popular Moonlit Keep have failed to gain much of a presence.
Titles: Lord of Glyphs, The First Scribe   Alignment: Neutral, Neutral Good, Neural Evil   Symbol: Lit candle above an open eye   Domains: Arcana, Knowledge
Religious, Organised Religion

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