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Chauntea (CH-ann-tay)

Chauntea is a deity worshipped as the goddess of agriculture, harvest, and fertility. She is often worshipped by farmers, gardeners, and those who rely on the land for their livelihood.

Where the Cult Thrives

Chauntae is among the most worshipped deities throughout Runetalras, for all must eat, and all must reproduce. Chauntea is worshipped within Thaxnoria as a part of the Octurn, she is worshipped throughout the Free States, the Cult of Chauntea has even found its way to the Yhess Kingdoms where desperate farmers worship her while working barren soil.

Tenets of the Faith

The followers of Chauntea believe that the goddess is responsible for the fertility of the land and the success of crops. They pray to her for bountiful harvests and protection from natural disasters that may harm their crops. They also believe in the importance of hard work and respecting the land.   The various cults of Chauntea all teach of the Eternal Cycle of growing, reaping and sowing once more, of birth, life, and giving birth to new life. The Eternal Cycle must continue, the mortal races must go on, they are the hearts in a heartless world, only in them can love and nurture continue. The Eternal Cycle teaches that all those who embrace life are blessed and those who perpetuate death and destruction, as well as those who pursue romantic relations which cannot result in offspring are abominations disrupting this Cycle. The degree to which the latter is preached by all the priests and faithful differs based upon region and individuals.


Temples to Chauntea are often located in rural areas and are simple, functional structures. They may have gardens or farmland surrounding them, and often have statues or depictions of the goddess as well as tools used in farming and agriculture.


Priests of Chauntea are often farmers, gardeners or those who make their livelihoods from the land. They often have a deep understanding of agriculture and are respected members of their communities. They may also be responsible for blessing the fields and conducting ceremonies to ensure a successful harvest. They typically garb themselves in greens, creams, and other natural coloured clothing.

Depictions of the Deity

Chauntea is often depicted as a mature woman with a serene expression, holding a sheaf of wheat or a cornucopia. She is often shown wearing a simple, flowing robe and is associated with the colours green and gold.


The Children of the Great Mother are a religious order that is primarily focused on helping those in need and promoting the well-being of the community. They believe that the deity Chauntea, also known as the Great Mother, is the embodiment of fertility and abundance, and that by caring for the weak and sickly, they are fulfilling her will. The priests of this order are typically seen as compassionate and selfless individuals who are dedicated to serving others. They can often be found working in hospitals, orphanages, and other charitable organisations.
Titles: The Great Mother, the Grain Goddess, Earth Mother   Alignment: Neutral Good, Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral     Symbol: Sheaf of grain or a blooming rose over grain     Domains: Life, Grave
Religious, Organised Religion

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