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Carlin was a simple Dwarf who lived with his family in a quiet village, until the failures of Ecthelion and Estonia brought death to his village. In 520:Contempt Ecthelion and Estonia travelled to the village of Thorndale to investigate rumours of demonic incursions; these rumours were true and Ecthelion and Estonia uncovered a demonic cult. The pair were unable to defeat the cult and were forced to retreat, the cult now descoved wreaked havoc amongst the village.   The Lords of the Storm arrived in force, however, they were too late. All in Thorndale were brutally killed save for Carlin. Carlin was ‘saved’ by Ecthelion and Estonia as he was being tortured by the Demon possessed corpses of his wife and daughter. The Lords provided Carlin with coin to build a new life and returned to Talos’ Anvil.   Carlin never truly left Thorndale, he hung himself in the thorntree at the heart of the village as the village was burning from the purification by the Lords of the Storm, the coin they provided untouched.   Though hatred, anger, and despair Carlin was reanimated with undead purpose as a revenant. Carlin attempted to bring about ‘justice’ by taking everything from Ecthelion and Estonia but proved too weak until he made a pact with Orcus.   Blinded by visions of vengeance and justice, Carlin made a pact with Orcus to empower him to be able to stand before Estonia, Ecthelion, and the other Heroes of the Free States. On the last day of 532:Contempt Carlin confronted the Heroes of the Free States below the City of Velfauna. Carlin appeared to them as a Dwarf with white pale skin, a dark purple and black mark scars his throat, his beard and hair are short white and matted with black blood. Clad in black armour at its centre a goats skull, he wields a great axe blessed by Orcus.   Throughout the War of Undeath Carlin served as key commander of the Avatar of Orcus and a thorn in the side of the Heroes of the Free States. This was until Ecthelion imprisoned Carlin’s soul within an arcane gem.  


‘Did you think I had forgotten, did you think I had forgiven you for your crimes and failures.’   ‘Do those with you know what you are responsible for, I would have them know. Your friend here strolled into my village and awoke a Demon, they realised that it was beyond them and fled to gain support. They left me and mine to suffer all the while, my daughter,’ you watch as tears begin to fall from his cold eyes, ‘my daughter was torn apart in front of my eyes, my wife, beautiful Jennniss, was tortured and killed before me, only to be risen again to torture me, taughting me all the time. By the time Ecthelion and Estonia returned only I survived, they tore through and killed my wife again in front of me, killed the demons and offered me gold in recompense for my troubles. Lost and alone I hung myself but the gods themselves brought me back to make you and yours pay for your crimes, I shall kill you, destroy everything that you have built, and erase your name from history, not even death can stop me. I have been granted great powers by forces that seek to destroy you.’

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