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Ragdak was a dwarf of medium height and stout build, with harsh facial features. He had long hair and similarly long beard hair of red, auburn, with specks of grey and white. Ragdak was seen by the Party wearing a number of thick cloth robes, and carried a thick leather bound spellbook.  

Known History

    Ragdak a number of years ago whilst in Runia befriended the half-elf Almorn. Ragdak had taken up residence within Velfauna prior to the Party's arrival, where he had mentally dominated King Thaydos, and plotted with the First Archon.  


    The Party stormed into Ragdak's machinations when they reached the City of Velfauna. The Party first captured the leader of a nonhuman rebellion, Navara, and delivered her into the Crown's, thus Ragdak's captivity. The Party then wreaked Ragdak's plans within the Velfaunan Arcane Bastille, where the First Archon was plotting a revolution to support Ragdak, where they killed the Archon and his supporters within the Bastille. Cornelius then informed the Party of his plans for a coup against King Thaydos as he had become erratic with the arrival of Ragdak. The Party head to the Harvest's End Ball to meet with fellow plotters where they encountered Ragdak for the first time. Within a short time of meeting Ragdak the Party stumbled upon his effort to poison King Thaydos; the Party were able to revive the King and escape into the night while Ragdak took up the position of Lord Regent and ruler of Velfauna. As Ragdak worked to cement his rule and searched to uncover the Party’s locations, while the Party worked to undermine his rule and form a coalition to overthrow Ragdak. Ultimately the Party were able to overthrow Ragdak during the The Battle of the False King.   Though Ragdak was killed the Party’s involvement with him was far from over; during his short time as Lord Protector Ragdak had set in motion a number of events in an effort to secure himself. The Velfaunan treasury had been transported out of the City of Velfauna into the hands of the Tee'Chaher Traisis Commando, with half being transported to Glean Sord, and the other half to Telnus, Ragdak’s appointed Ambassador to Tel’Bacy, with the latter half being transported to Ragdak’s Tower. In the Party’s effort to form an alliance to rebuke Thaxnorian aggression, they came across Telnus, and convinced him to send his guard back to Velfauna and take the Party to Ragdak’s Tower. There the Party encountered Ragdak’s apprentice Almorn wherein they convinced him they were allies, seemingly set him on the path of nonviolence and to Red Larch, gained control of Ragdak’s Tower, and recovered half of Velfauna’s treasury. Now, seemingly, the last vestiges of Ragdak are his apprentice, the Traisis Commando acting on his orders, and the other half of the Velfaunan treasury seemingly being held within Glean Sord.
56 532 476 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by the Party within the Velfaunan Throne Room
Dark brown
Brown, auburn, and grey
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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