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Tee'Chaher (teeth-char-here)

Tee’chaher are non-human guerillas, also known as teeth, and members are depicted by humans as sharpening their teeth, something a number of tee’chaher have taken to performing to make themselves appear more fierce.   The Tee’chaher are primarily comprised of elves, while dwarves, gnomes, and tieflings have sizable numbers, and firbolg, dryads, halflings, aasimar, and orcs being less common, but presence. Elves seem to be more common within the Tee’chaher because they have decisively had difficulty conforming to and fitting in to human society, while the lower proportions of the other races are as a result of a greater ability to assimatle to human socity, or have only limited contact with humans and their racisim and discrimination.      

Cycle of Violence

  The Elder Races are generally speaking no longer enslaved by humans, but they do face deep steaded and far reaching racial, economic, and political discrimination. The Tee'chaher are active throughout the Free States, Yhess Kingdoms, and particularly Thaxnoria and the Velgan Empire. When nonviolence failed the Tee’chaher were formed to take up the cause of the Elder Races with bow, sword, and axe. Since then the Tee’chaher have become freedom fighters and terrorists in equal measures. The moderates of the Tee’chaher assassinate Lords who abuse their nonhuman populations, slavers who take nonhuman slaves, business owners viciously exploit nonhumans, and those you propagate and act out violence against nonhumans. The more extreme view ALL humans as the enemy and problem, they raid villages slaughtering any humans they find, propagate race violence in cities, and commit violence against travelling humans. The Tee’chaher also draw criticism for their use of shatter-head arrows, which inflict prove difficult to extract from a patient, and have led to excessive death rates among humans, leading to the outlawing of shatter-heads among virtually all Kingdoms. The Tee’chaher are viewed by humans as one in the same, painting them all with the same brush, believing them all to extremists willing to kill a human child at first sight. The actions of the Tee’chaher have led to humans taking vengeance against all nonhumans, murders, violence, and pogroms, have all resulted directly from the actions of the Tee’chaher. The actions of the Tee’chaher and the actions of humans has continually perpetuated a cycle of hatred and violence.  

Enemies and Allies

  The Tee’chaher have working relations with a number of kingdoms, primarily Caedreon, Legarvren, Old Garstil, and Elnusari, and have at times worked with the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar and the Kasari Dominion. The Tee’chaher are however, in a state of unending war with virtually every other human Kingdom.


The Tee’chaher are not a united force, military or politically. The Tee'chaher are broken down into small commandos that function as distinct cell with their own brand of Tee'chaher ideology. Each commando selects their own commander, who then sculpts their commando in their own image. When a great crisis emerges, or war is on the horizon all the leaders of the commandos are summoned to the Elnurian Forest to discuss how to proceed in the crisis or war.

Public Agenda

The Tee’chaher are as an organisation committed to fighting against human dirctimantion towards the Elder Races. This crusade against racism has almost wholly been consumed by hatred and channeled into violence. The Tee’chaher rally against humans who force the Elder Races into slums and ghettos, prevent them from entering professions, force them to play high taxes, and above all commit racial violence or programs against them. While the ideals of equality are not controversial to most of the Elder Races, it is the Tee’chaher’s methods that cause some within the Elder Races and human to deride them the Tee’chaher.


It is unclear if the Tee’chaher had any kind of extensive history prior to the Age of Contact, however, their are, sometimes contradictory human sources which claim that an organization named the Tee’chaher existed prior to the conflict between humans and the Elder Races; importantly no sources exist demonstrating that the Tee’chaher attack human settlement prior to the Age of Conquest, which had resulted in the existence of the Tee’chaher prior to the Age of Conquest being dismissed. The Casteal University recently announced the discovery of sources within the Craglands of sources that validate the existence of the Tee’chaher as early as the Age of the Elder Races, though they do not illuminate their purpose.   The first sources which report conflict between humans and the Tee’chaher are dated to approximately 150:Conquest, where humans were killed by roaming bands of elves and gnomes. It was not until 500:Conquest that the Tee’chaher are understood to have become the broad based Elder Race resistance group against human expansion throughout Runetalras. The Tee’chaher were not however, guerrillas, they were an organised mass fighting organisation, a veritable army. This of resurgence for the Elder Races and the Tee’chaher did not endure the Age of Conquest, by 1300:Conquest the vestiges of the Elventine had been destroyed and the greatest Kingdoms of the elves, gnomes, and dwarves had been broken by the human Kingdom of Avadel, and the days when the Tee’chaher could field a true army were over.   In 1450:Conquest the Tee’chaher once again reorganised itself into a decentralised guerrilla organisation, comprised of members of virtually all of the Elder Races. It is this organisation that has survived to the present day, and only consolidates its leadership during crisis, at the beginning of wars, and once every one hundred years. As the Age of Blood dawned the Tee’chaher used the expansion of the Kingdom of Avadel and its recent use of blood magic as propaganda, gaining a great many new members, and began attacking human kingdoms across the board. It was not until the Ritual of Kirthlath in 13:Blood and Convergence that resulted from it that the Tee’chaher realised the severity of events. Throughout the Age of Blood the Tee’chaher valiantly, and often unsuccessful, to defend Elder Race settlements from demons, devils, undead,and weave abjurations. Due to their decentralised nature, unlike most of the Elder Race kingdoms the Tee’chaher were able to survive multiple significant defeats. By 500:Blood despite reservations on both sides, the Tee’chaher began to work with humans in an effort to push back the fiends, undead, and weave abjurations. This tactic paid dividends and by 600:Blood the Tee’chaher working with some of their greatest enemies fought back the hordes and put a stop to the extra-planar incursions. Cooperation with humans did not last, racism, driscrimanation were still present throughout their temporary alliance. When their common enemies were defeated conflict was quick to erupt once more. Since 600:Blood the conflict and hatred between humans and the Elder Races has only intensified, and with in the Tee’chaher have pursued violent campaigns aimed at either changing the policies of human kingdoms, or reforming the as Elder Race kingdoms.

The Arrows in the Quiver of the Elder Races

Founding Date
Age of Contact perhaps earlier
Illicit, Terrorist group
Alternative Names
The Teeth
Training Level
Subsidiary Organizations
Notable Members

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