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Caethddim Commando

The Caethddim Commando is primarily active within the Kingdom of Thaxnoria and the southeastern-Free States. The Caethddim Commando is moderate in its ideology among Tee’chaher commandos; historically the Commando has focused its activity on disrupting the activities kingdoms hostile to the elder races, predominantly the Guildlands of Thaxnoria, instead of believing that all humans this Commando focused on what it perceived as bad or evil induviduals. What this meant in practice was the Commando attacking slavers, freeing slaves, freeing indentured servants, and using various methods, including lethal violence, to protect the elder races from excesses by humans.  

Known history

  Fornik was a member of the Caethddim Commando and spent multiple decades and most of his formative years with them before leaving for the Traisis Commando. More recently Fornik rejoined Caethddim Commando and found himself in the Free State of Velfauna during the Days of the False King. since then Fornik has joined with Blank and Ecthelion while the Commando headed to Glean Sord to find the location of the Velfaunan treasury, which they did, finding it in the hands of the Traisis Commando at Glean Sord.  


  The party was led to the Caethddim Commando by Navra within Velfauna. The party was able to negotiate for the Commando's support in the Battle of Velfauna, in return Fornik was embedded within the party to ensure that agreement was upheld. The Commando was able to take the Eastern Gate on there own and assist in taking the Northern Gate of the Verdant Citadel. Since the Caethddim Commando has left Velfauna to search for the Velfaunan treasury.
Illicit, Terrorist group
Parent Organization
Notable Members

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