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Traisis Commando

The Traisis Commando is primarily active within the Free States, but has occasionally ranged into the Kingdom of Thaxnoria. The Traisis Commando is extreme in its ideology, even among the Tee’chaher, believing that all humans a racially inferior, and indeed, an innate threat to all of the elder races. The Traisis Commando perpetuates violence against virtually all humans, attacking outlying villages killing all men, women, and children as they find them, pillaging human traders, and fequanting racial violence against humans, and being justified as being in the defence of the elder races.  

Known History

  Fornik was once a member of this extreme Commando for a short time, before ideological difference resulted in the Commando attempting to kill him, which they almost succeeded in. it is safe to say that there is bad blood between Fornik and the Traisis Commando.
Illicit, Terrorist group
Parent Organization
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities

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