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The Battle of the False King

The Battle of the False King was the culmination of the Days of the False King, where Ragdak was able to convince Velfauna that King Thaydos had been killed by The Party, install Thaydos' son Michael as ruler, and rule as Lord Protector of Velfauna until Michael came of age. Within the Days of the False King the Party were able to build a diverse group of allies.   The Party with the Caethddim Commando, white necromancer Alexanda Daltech and his undead forces, Peter Beaumont's house guard, the Unseen Hands, and the Lords of the Storm, launched their attack upon the Verdant Citadel on the night of 14th November 532:Contempt   As the sun set of the City of Velfauna light began to eminem from from all sections of the city save the nonhuman slums and Verdant Citadel, as the Unseen Hands set over one hundred fires all around the city; with fire burning bright and smoke choking the air guards rushed into action and attempted to put out the flames. Adding to the difficulty of the guards the hands were also able to initiate a dozen large brawls in major tavern's and streets, further a number of larger establishments also experienced robbery, which further divided the guards and forced them out of the Verdant Citadel. Once the Chaos began the party contacted Alexanda to begin marching his forces to the surface, and the party, with Jackson moved through the sewers. As the fire raged the guards had a singular moment of joy as the heavens broke open and unleashed a torrent of rain, that moment was end as guards in the eastern section of the city were ambushed but undead creatures who emerged out of dozens of sewer gates, the western guards were brought low by Tee'chaher arrows and axes, while Peter Beaumont's house guards turned on the northern guards and cut them down before they released any was amiss. Then all of the three groups began their charges upon gates to the Verdant Citadel. As the party emerged within the walls of the citadel they immediately set to action and headed to the northern gate to find Peter's forces laying siege to it. The party was easily able to open the gate which allowed allied forces within the Citadel. Rallying Peter's guard the party led them deeper in only to find their path blockaded, as the party and forces began their charge the Caethddim Commando and Alexanda's undead forces crashed into the rear of the blockaders. With the path open to the Palace the party and Jackson began to fight their way through the rear of the Palace into the feat hall where they encountered a number of palace guards and the former Master of Evocation Jendon, who through a fireball into the party, and killed Fornik’s wolf companion albeit temporarily. In return Blank was able to use Mind Spike and cause Jendon’s head to explode. Then the party headed to Throne Room to confront Ragdak, only to find that the Throne Room had been packed with nobles and guards. The party appealed to Ser Theo Gatekeeper and handed him the letter signed by Thaydos who inturn allowed them an opportunity to speak before the assembly. Given the chance Black was able to politically outplay Ragdak and turn the nobles against him, forcing Ragdak to initiate combat. Seeing Ragdak resort to violence caused most in the room to side with the party, as Ragdak was supported by less than a half-a-dozen guards and Ser Arcus Widehearth; The King’s Guard abandoned his cause as they fled with Michael to his room, while Fiona Tansig, Lord Falax Greyfeather, Theo Gatekeeper, and the men loyal to the latter two joined the fight against Ragdak; instead of being taken captive Ragdak instead chose to die fighting, and forced the party to kill him, while Arcus Widehearth was subdued and temporarily imprisoned.   As the Battle still raged on outside of the party and Theo Gatekeeper gave the command for all sides to lay down their arms, and while it took some time for the word to get out the worst of the fighting was over within an hour.  


  The Battle of the False King ended Ragdak's hold on power, and allowed the Velfauna to be ruled by its rightful ruler, King Thaydos Folean, once more.   In total over thirty buildings were burnt to the ground, over one hundred were damaged by fire, ninety Velfaunan guards were killed a further one hundred and seventy injured, twenty civilians were killed another fifty injured, five of Peter Beaumont's men killed, ten Tee'chaher killed, and a number of nobles injured in the Throne Room. Damages to the Crown were estimated to be over thirty thousand gold.

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