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Second Sundering of the Elves

The Second Sundering of the Elves is the name given to a civil war within the Kingdom of Selu-Qidar between 13-42:Contempt.   The name of the civil war is derived from the ancient Sundering of the Elves was a conflict which is little understood. What is known of the first Sundering of the Elves is when the elven people were fractured, and the Drow were exiled below the surface of Runetalras into the Underdark. Recent discoveries by the Reclaimed Library and Lunar Order have identified the Nine Silver Gate beneath Velfauna as the location where the Drow were exiled and also massacred.   The Second Sundering of the Elves grew out of political disagreements with the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar. In the aftermath of the Age of Blood two factions came to prominence the Isolationists and Restorationists. The Isolationists believed that Selu’Qidar needed to turn inwards, address social, infrastructure, and cultural voids that had been left after the destruction of the Elventine and the ravages of the Age of Blood. Further they believed that to chase after the former glory of the Elventine was folly, instead the glory of Selu’Qidar needed to be established in their own right. The Restorationists believed that Selu’Qidar needed to look outwards, help the other Elder Races from Human oppression, and seek to restore the days of the Elventine.   The conflict remained ideological and political until 13:Contempt, when the Restorationist began to gain significant influence amongst the elite and populace of Selu’Qidar. The Isolationist decided to violently purge the Restorationist, however, the purge was only partially successful. The failed purge created martyrs and militarised the issue. Civil war broke out, which devastated Selu Qidar for almost 30 years.   The Second Sundering of the Elves came to an end when the Restorationists entered a state of exile. The Restorationists travelled to Undras where they founded the Kingdom of Legvaren. The Isolationists secured their position and are still the dominant ideology within the Kingdom of Selu’Qidar.
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