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Crorveil Rift

The great rift of mountains home to the Jordsmi of the Deephold of Khas'Zar. It is situated on the southern half of Antir, with a valley half way along, caused by the Cascade.


The mountains here are close together and compact, with high peaks covered in snow and ice. The winds of the continent are cut by the range, and flow along its two sides starting from the southwest. Much of the area is rocky and barren at the surface, with next to no topsoil and almost zero fertility. The central valley caused by the Cascade is littered with rubble, boulders, and debris, with no liquid water at the surface.    Towards the northeast the range reaches the ocean, overlooking the Eskar Straits. The views from the sea are often both awe-inspiring and imposing. It is said the greatest mountains by the coast are deities that look on with disdain at the water below.

Natural Resources

Rich in Khasmia, it is famed for its great mines and pits, though most are now left abandoned because of the collapse of the Empire of Khasimar.


In legends, it is the first home of the Jordsmi and Simaza, with the area having been inhabited for nearly as long as it has stood. Other races have often lived nearby or along its edges, the highlands proving exceptional places for lookouts and outposts, the most notable being Pursa'Itas.
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The Collapsed Mountainholds
Mountain Range
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