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Sea of Casemar

The small sea sits mostly between Pontemar and Casde. Lake Ostrath also drains into the sea on its north-western edge. The sea is characterised mainly by the trade winds that flow east to west consistently, and thus allow a vast amount of trade to flow through the area, similar to the Eskar Straits.


The area has been fought over by many countries in the past, over access to various areas. The most current conflict surrounds the Duchy of Katath and access to their outpost in Ostratha. Other countries like the newly independent City-State of Pontemar and the city of Casde (within the Trade League of Zaresca) dispute the free access that Katath claims. In the past this has lead to piracy being a large problem for the area, but in more recent times a strong merchant fleet and navy has a high presence here.
Alternative Name(s)
Crescent Passage
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