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The current capital of the Haamori Mārua, and the only city or major population centre in the entirety of the Haamoran Assembly. It is here that the majority of the Mantuā Repo live, being more at home in the swamplands that encompass much of the region.   The city itself is blended perfectly into the surrounding lands, almost completely invisible to most explorers, hence its more common name; 'The Veiled City'. Much of the living space is actually underneath the marshy topsoil and grasses, thus many homes are only accessed by the water. These homes are usually either made by controlled growth of the roots and vines in the bog, which are then made water tight with a mud or tar coating, perfectly camouflaged with local moss and water foliage, with an entrance hole in the floor using air pressure. Or, they are instead made with the small tunnels and nest of former tunnel boring creatures which dot this area. These small nests will be purged of the creatures, and then a constructed entrance similar to the other style of homes will be made to access the small tunnel systems.   Without knowing the locations of the homes entrances or bogring (similar to a street or road, but instead it signifies a pond of water and its connected main waterways), it is near impossible to find ones way around the city without a guide.


Almost entirely consisting of Mantuā Repo, given the city's unique environment and structure, few other species could stomach or survive such a place.
Founding Date
1784 PA
Alternative Name(s)
The Veiled City
Related Ethnicities
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Location under
Owning Organization


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