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Kauhoe Bayou

The vast wetlands stretch from Qyte Sëmurë in the west, to the eastern coasts of Antir, with Hamār within its centre. The bayou ranges from flat wetlands and marsh, to more swampy lands with cypress and mangroves bogged down in the water. The region has a higher than average amount of insects and carnivorous plants, making the swamp harsh and dangerous to the ill-prepared.   Vines often crawl out of the small bushes and grasses in the lowlands, ensnaring victims and drowning them in the dark murky waters. The waters themselves are filled with creatures that employ a similar strategy, often forcing their prey into the tar and heavy mud of the waterbed.


The bayou covers a vast area, often split into the East and West by Hamār and Lake Pahanar in the centre. Despite its vast size, the ecosystems change little within it, with only three distinct kinds; the lowland marsh, the mangrove bayou, and lastly the lakelands. All three are filled with poisonous, venomous, and ensnaring creatures or plants. Miasma and toxic gases cover all three, though more so in the lakelands, and edible food or safe drinking water is hard to come by.
Alternative Name(s)
The Great Marshes, The Blightland
Wetland / Swamp
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