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The Haamoran Assembly

The Assembly, as it is often shortened to by its citizens, covers the Kauhoe Bayou and a few select other areas of Antir with smaller enclaves or outposts/colonies. The country is mostly peaceful, and its inhabitant's often keep to themselves.   The Assembly has no real form of government, other than some areas or regions relying on Elders for advice. Each part of "government" will instead simply be run by whomever is the leader (or group of leaders) in each such area, such as the Collective of Hunters and Fishers for matters relating to hunting and fishing. The country as a whole does however meet in the capital, Hamār, on occasion, to select new policies and projects, as well as to select who can be a Haamoran Ambassador (or who can give out this position in regards to the colonies/outposts). The meeting is a mass gathering of the citizens, or anyone who may indeed just be in the city at that moment, to cast votes. Whilst there is no formal treasury, the citizens have agreed upon a badge or symbol system of trust, wherein Ambassadors or other positions are given a badge that allows them free stay and supplies from any Assembly residence or place.   The Assembly was formed from Hamār after its inhabitants realised the need to reunite the Mantuā Repo peoples into a single nation again, for some semblance of representation or position on the world stage.
Founding Date
1978 PA
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Assembly of the Mantuā Repo
Government System
Power Structure
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
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