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The northern continent upon Eptan, with a varied climate and topography. A range of races and species exist here, and it has been inhabited for over 3000 years, since the Era of Migration.   The name Antir has two separate classifications, some refer to just the western and largest landmass to be the entire continent, whilst others will also include the Temultus Isles. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants of Antir, there are atleast four tectonic plates that could be considered continents or sub-continents of Antir, but in a more political sense the entire region is classified as Antir by those that originate from other areas of Eptan.


The northern most parts of the continent are covered in sub-arctic and snow covered landscapes. In general, as you move further south the climate gets more temperate, with the far south parts becoming sub tropical. The only major tropical area this far north is in the Fara Grovelands, though this is in part to the warm winds delivered by the Great Tropical Easterlies that flow up from the south.

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