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Zaresca is the capital and largest city within the Trade League of Zaresca, and is where most trade flows through, making it an economic powerhouse, not just in the trade league, but the entire contintent of Antir.   The city sits atop a small sandstone cliff, with thick high walls of sandstone surrounding its interior. A wide and smooth road runs down to the beach-cove next to the city, which houses a vast harbour with a number of piers and wooden crank cranes for cargo. The main entrance covers this path to the harbour, and just inside the great walls sits an expansive caravansary that houses pack animals and trade goods from across the continent.   This then connects to the largest marketplace and merchant trading quarters in the northern hemisphere of Eptan. It is surrounded on all sides by vast dormitories and inns that can house thousands of merchants. Various stairs dot the sides of this great plaza and marketplace, that lead down to a storage room that covers the entire city, housing thousands of tons worth of goods.


The ruler of the Trade League of Zaresca rules from this city. The Duke mostly rules as a monarch, though often deliberates tasks or seeks advice from his two councils; the mercantile, and the trade councils.
Founding Date
1256 PA
Alternative Name(s)
Golden Haven
Unknown - Estimates around 700,000
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Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization


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