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Fara Grovelands

The Grovelands encompasses the entire island that is in the southern part of the Temultus Isles, which is otherwise unnamed, and near completely unexplored.   Myth mentions a place deep within the rainforest and jungle named "The Thicket", but there are no first hand or primary sources for this place. It is supposedly where the Fara meet, either for religious and ritual rites, or simply for socialising or living, it is also unsure whether this is a permanent thing, or seasonal, and whether it is always in the same place or not.   Much of the jungle has a layer just beneath the surface, which can be accessed by digging through the thick layer of mulch and decaying leaf litter. Beneath this, the trunks of the trees actually continue down, in some places for up to 100 metres. Meaning what appears to be the surface layer, is in fact a secondary canopy of sorts. It is unknown how this came to be or formed, but the forest has been untouched by outsiders for millennia, bar the exception of a few expeditions which were more often that not, unfruitful.


The upper canopy is incredibly thick and the branches seem like they interweave with their neighbours' in an almost coordinated way, so as to help block out the harsh winds and environment of the world, thus creating a relatively cosy environment underneath. This has however allowed the life underneath to flourish and evolve at a rapid pace compared to the rest of the world, and a myriad of flora and fauna exist here, often extremely specialised and deadly to explorers.
Alternative Name(s)
The Lost Jungles
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)
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