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The capital of the Hadam in the House of Patsa. The city itself appears blended into the landscape, with many of the flat wind-carven sandstone having very shallow grooves and cut outs for the Kesirtke to crawl into. These yardangs are in fact the living space, and can only be used and accessed when laying stomach down. Whilst claustrophobic or awkward to move in for many other species or races, this perfectly suits the Kesirtke, who often fill each groove in the rocks to the brim with other family or nest members.   The city, like the rest of the country, is very separate and segregated from the rest of the world, with only the odd small trade caravan running to Katath or Ergensos.   In the mornings, the often flat tops of the yardangs and spare floor spaces outside are covered in the entire populace as they bask collectively for warmth. This is often seen as a bonding moment, and other races present often join in, relaxing with the inhabitants and forming companionships.


The area is prone extreme sandstorms and winds, which can last for days at a time. Inbetween the yardangs, are sheets of layered textiles, woven together and attached to cover entrances and the overhead sky. These are retractable, and roll into containers attached to the walls when not in use. They allow the inhabitants respite from the storms, but are in need of constant maintenance, with the textiles being one of the most imported goods.
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The City of Yardangs
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