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Patske Desert

The land surrounding the city of Hano, east of the Hoarfrost Peaks. High up and desolate, with extremely fast winds and ranging temperatures. At night, it can reach well below freezing, and the days can be cloudless and sweltering.


The entire area is a plateau, with it's coastal region being entirely cliffs. Otherwise, the desert is flat, rocky, and dry. There are a number of rocky outcrops and yardangs, which make up the only discernible feature. The thin layer of dust is often whipped up by the winds, and frequent dust storms batter the area. This eastern side of the Hoarfrost Peaks is also barren and dry, devoid of the forests that cover the western half. This makes rockslides frequent, and travelling near them hazardous. Myth and legend say these rockslides are caused by giants or creatures of huge size and great strength that fight over the mountains, as they launch boulders at each other.
Alternative Name(s)
Bitterwind Plateau
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