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Capital of the Duchy of Katath, built on the mountainsides of a fjord.   At the end of the fjord, where a river flows out of a cave, sits the palace, overlooking the fjord and city beneath it. The palace covers both sides of the river and cave entrance, using it as a central feature. As the river spills down the side of the mountain, its used in waterwheels to power sawmills and industry. There are also small channels that syphon some of the water away, making little canals 1m wide by 1m deep, that run outwards, across the mountainside. These little canals run through and next to houses, and are filled with fish and crustaceans. These are usually under or apart of the kitchens, where they use the animals and water to clean and eat scraps of food, some even breed the fish to eat themselves, with nets and grates closing off their part of the canal.   This gives the city a tiered look. The houses themselves are built into the rock, where only the front entrance of the house is visible to the outside (where the kitchen and genkan are). There two sets of roads; small ones that tend to run alongside the canals, and the larger ones "behind" the houses and buildings. These roads are tunnels, perfectly carven and straight. They crossover and meet in the middle, underneath the central river, with stairways up and down the entire centre.   The windows facing the outside are from floor to ceiling almost, without panes of glass, and with only small steps at the top and bottom. During violent storms and hurricanes, these windows have huge stone doors on metal rollers that slide across to cover the gap from the inside. Given the winds that blow through the fjord, much of the flora outside is moss and ferns, ivy and vines, and other hardy species.   A platform juts out from the Palace's entry plaza, and it connects over the river's waterfall. At the end of this stone platform, stands a large statue of a giant, holding a spear that it thrusts skyward, screaming in anger. This vast statue is called the "Palace Guard" by the citizens it watches over.
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Giants Stairway
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