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Temultus Isles

The second largest island in the realm of Antir, to the northeast, and its surrounding collection of small isles and islets.   There is a disambiguation for the Temultus Isles, much like there is for the continent of Antir. Some scholars refer to the Temultus Isles as just the northern of the two larger landmasses and its surrounding small isles, whereas others refer to both (the other island being the Fara Grovelands). The correct term includes the Fara Grovelands.


Though not as large as Antir, the isles still have a range of biomes and climates. This ranges from frozen tundra, icy mountain peaks, dry taiga, and even rainforests and deserts. The islands are a formidable size, with a wealth of biodiversity and cultures. The tectonic plates are slowly pulling the southern half away from the northern half, and the separation of the two main landmasses is, geologically speaking, a relatively recent event.
Alternative Name(s)
Antir's Splinter, The Eastern Islands
Location under
Inhabiting Species

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