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Hoarfrost Peaks

The range of mountains on the largest island of the Temultus Isles, famed for their distinctive "V" shape that frames Katath. They give a natural border for the House of Patsa, keeping them secluded from the rest of the world.


The peaks are the highest in Antir, all of which are snow-capped year-round. Much of the peaks and range are barren, freezing, and desolate, only in the highlands and slopes near the feet of the mountains is there any life. This largely consists of a great forest, semi-frozen during parts of the year, running from the northwest down to the south. The mountain range also has a distinct lack of tunnels, caverns, and access to the Underdepths  The distinctive "V" shape provides great shelter to the city of Katath, and easy borders between the three countries. So much so, that there hasn't been a border conflict in hundreds of years.
Alternative Name(s)
Eptan's Pinnacle
Mountain Range
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