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A culture that flows out from the capital of the Duchy of Katath. It reaches to all its overseas colonies, even encompassing Ostravia  Whilst trade isn't as much apart of their culture and history as it is for the Zarescan, their intrepid spirit is. To outsiders, they often seem stubborn or persistent, but the Kata will always end up creating something beautiful, whether its a new city, some marvellous complex, or grand statues such as the "Palace Guard" in Katath  They also prefer simple solutions to big problems, such as relying on large and sturdy structures to protect against the elements, no matter how long it takes to construct. In this way, much of the citizenry is multiskilled and capable of doing a range of jobs. A trait that has made them especially resistant to turmoil, collapse, and natural disasters.

Major organizations

The Duchy of Katath and its various colonies and outposts, including Ostravia.
Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken
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