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A species of desert adapted reptile kin. They mostly inhabit the northeast of Antir, on the far eastern half of the Temultus Isles.   They have a large range in their size, and never stop growing throughout their life, regularly shedding skin. Each family group or nest will have traits specific to them, and these may include the general size, horns, tail details, and colourations, amongst other things.

Basic Information


They have a special shoulder joint that allows them to easily move on all fours with the arms out sideways, but to also allow easy use of the arms in a normal posture when standing on just their hind legs. This allows them to easily hide in small flat gaps in the rocks. Their feet have five toes ending in claws, with each toe longer and further apart than most other sentient races, but their hands consist of only four digits; three fingers and a thumb, also all ending in claws. The fingers range in size much less than the toes.    They also have neck frills that vary in size from 10-15cm, reaching just to the back of the head or neck, to vast 60cm frills that when flat reach down their backs and shoulders. These frills have a cartilaginous structure with have varying patterns and colours - but the larger the frill and the more vibrant the colour, the more prestigious and revered. The ruling family of the House of Patsa have some of the largest and most colourful frills; 60cm long and known for their brilliant crimson and purple colouration. When these frills are spread out, they use multiple muscles that can change the shape and move parts of the frill independently.

Genetics and Reproduction

One of the only major sentient species to reproduce by laying eggs, laying in clutches of 4-8. Any eggs that do not hatch are often eaten as a delicacy.

Growth Rate & Stages

They continue developing until they're about 12 years old, being considered a hatchling up until the age of 10, and finally becoming adults around the age of 14. Anyone over the age of 100 is often viewed as an elder.

Ecology and Habitats

They are cold blooded and covered in scales to seal in moisture and lower water loss. They fit well to the rocky outback around Hano and can be seen basking in the mornings for energy, often in vast groups, with their neck frills spread out to speed up the heating.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their noses and sense of smell are very well developed, and they can smell scents on the wind from many kilometres away, particularly in the dry arid winds of the Patske Desert. When sniffing for scents, they often have their mouth ajar slightly, as a secondary olfactory centre sits on the roof of their mouth. These secondary olfactory nerves are attuned to a different set of smells, and using both together allows for superior results.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

Almost entirely found within the House of Patsa and it's capital, Hano. There are small groups in the Duchy of Katath but otherwise it is rare that they venture outside of the Temultus Isles.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Keztalke is the main language used by Kesirtke. The language is segregated in Antir and dissimilar to almost all others, with no creoles. A few of the species do however manage to learn Katathi.
Scientific Name
Agimidae Sapiceps Desolatio
150-200 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
Average Length
1-2m Tails
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities

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