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The capital of the Ootaki, it is situated in the heart of the Eanth Steppes, a vast steppe of fungal-grass. Approximately some 40,000 Ootaki/Karatarkan reside in this city, making it one of the smallest capitals in the world. It is centred around a spring, out of which the Ootaki collect all of their water. The water has a unique makeup, including minerals not seen in this realm anywhere else. The Veshaar Spring, or "Gateway Spring", is the closest link the Ootaki have to their ancestral past. In folklore and fairy tales, it is said the minerals are from the tears of their past relatives, weeping hope and life back into the world, after being expelled from their homeland in the southern continent. Circling the spring is the bazaar, filled with fine silks and gems, the airy atmosphere is bright with colours and the soft music of their people. The buildings themselves are built in a flowing fashion, they curve and undulate around the underground pathways and archways, with rock or vinework sometimes connecting above them to form a lattice of archways, interlaced with growing grape vines, fed by the spring water. There is no palace, nor a court of law, as all matters are solved by the Chief of the Tribe, who lives closest to the spring. The buildings slowly merge and flow into the land around them, seeming to disappear into the vast steppe, appearing like mounds of earth. The entire city is arguably underground, but since the roofs are the top of the meadow soil, it is not particularly deep underground.


Almost entirely Eptani.
Related Ethnicities
Inhabitant Demonym
Each is specific to his or her parent clan, though outsiders refer collectively to them as "Ootaki" or "Karatarkans"
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