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Orkan sits on the southern side of the Eskar Straits, built within the cliffs. Originally built from the natural sea-level cave, it has since grown into the expedition centre and hub of the western landmass, with land based trade routes that connect everywhere south and east of the Crorveil Rift. In the past, Orkan has often been a rival of Zaresca, which is situated on the northern end of the Eskar Straits. In recent history however, the power and influence of Orkan has wained, with the rivalry entering a cold-trade war of sorts. Only in the past 20 years or so, has Orkan changed its tactics and growth to focus on exploration and daring ventures. This has proved a boon, and revitalised its economy to some extent, though it is a long way off from catching up to Zaresca once more.    Other than the original cave, the only areas of the city visible to the outside are the holes and tunnels that run into the cliffside. These house the great wind turbines, fueled by the strong sea winds that flow through the Eskar Straits. These use a system of cogs and gears that continuously power certain systems for the city; they allow the water pumping system to keep all 5 harbours filled with water, they turn the vast sawmills on the 2nd floor, and when needed; they crank the ship elevator up or down between the floors. The turbines also have small tunnels and vents built after the turbine fans to distribute fresh sea air deep into the city and caverns.   There are multiple entrances into the city; a small cliff pass from the surface, which takes you past the turbines and onto the top (5th) floor. A secret entrance used by certain informants and smugglers, on the 4th floor, behind a slum. A 3rd floor entrance is connected via the normal cave systems that run to the Crorveil Rift. An Underdepths entrance that flows onto the 2nd floor through a cave, the water is kept within the harbour and cave system by a series of locks and sluices. Lastly, of course, the sea-level entrance to the original area of the city, akin to a normal harbour.    The 5 layers are roughly specialised into certain groups:
Top floor - marketplace and plaza, land trade hub and merchant housing district.
4th floor - majority of the houses, entertainment and religious facilities.
3rd floor - the governmental and education areas, with some lighter industry.
2nd floor - ship construction, sawmills, various heavy industries.
Bottom floor - sea trade hub and warehouses with cargo docks.
  All 5 floors have a central canal, that has docks and harbours on both sides, these all run the length of the caverns, and sit directly atop one another. At the "rear" end (furthest inland) of these, is where the ship-elevator sits, a massive wooden system of platforms and sluices used to move ships up and down the city.   Behind the city proper sits vast caverns that are used to grow edible fungi, these are only grown in mass quantities here and are sold across the continent. There is a system of water and irrigation channels stemming from the main city that fill the caverns with a fine mist and the right humidity.


The city is rare in that there is no one single race that vastly outnumbers the rest, instead being a mix of many, its only other counterpart in this situation being Ceter.


The city is the capital and only state-city of the Merchant Republic of Orkan, all other areas being colonies or trade outposts. Thus, it is directly administered by the Doge of the Republic.
Founding Date
1358 PA
Alternative Name(s)
Expedition Hub of the West
Large city
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