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Merchant Republic of Orkan

The republic consists of the capital Orkan and its various colonies.   The country is run by the Doge of the city, who is a hybrid between the head of state, and the treasurer. They are elected for life from among the plutocratic families of the city. The amount of votes a single person or family can give is not static, but instead relies on a lump sum specified before an election takes place. Should a voter give multiples of this lump sum, they are given that amount in votes, thus making the richer/more generous of the families in the republic, the most influential. This voting sum is put directly into the state treasury for the elected Doge to spend on ventures and other projects.   This has lead to the rapid development of risky ventures and a near gambling level of investment into exploration and other trade routes that are particularly dangerous. This is because the merchant families are desperately trying to outbid and beat the competition.

Dare to Delve

Founding Date
1358 PA
Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
Plutocracy of the South
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities


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