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Trade League of Zaresca

A trade league of cities and outposts run from Zaresca. Some of the cities have been directly settled or colonised by Zaresca, others conquered. The trade league has a near-monopoly on most goods on the western continent, having since beaten its rival, Orkan.   The country is run from the capital, by the Duke and his mercantile council, formed from the mercantile-nobles from across the league. Each outpost and city has its own ruler, which is often a Count, Baron, or Governor, depending on the size and importance of their city. These form the trade council, which advises the Duke and carries out his orders across the league.   The founding of the city of Zaresca also marks the founding of the Trade League as a whole.

Glory to the Golden!

Founding Date
1256 PA
Geopolitical, State
Alternative Names
The Empire of Wealth
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities

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