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Goldensap Bay

The small bay and inlet that holds the city of Casde. It provides only a little shelter, and the seafloor and surrounding cliffs are notably barren of any significant life (much like the rest of the Avitus Barrenlands). The seafloor is however, smooth, clear, and safe for deep hulled ships to traverse, making it an invaluable surface harbour.

Natural Resources

The bay is famed for the island that sits inside it, known as the "Amberrock Isle" or "Island of Golden Vitus", which has in turn given the bay its nickname, "Bay of Amberrock". The island is home to the largest working fossilised amberrock, or Goldensap, mine in Antir, which has been in use for centuries, even before the city of Casde was settled, though by an unknown people. The mine is so deep and old, that it isn't without its own horrors. Sometimes a tomb or burial chamber can be unearthed, with goldensap idols, weapons, and regalia. Many are said to be cursed or haunted, which is only exacerbated by the higher than normal amount of disasters that happen in the mines. It is speculated a Pillar of the Leyweb may be found somewhere in its depths.
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Bay of Amberrock
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