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Casde is a smaller city in the Spectral Desert, in an area known as the Mirage Bay, surrounded by deserts and sandstone cliffs. There are only two ways into Casde; ether through the deserts or by sea; entering through a huge cave in the cliff. Trade ships are frequent for the city's a major trade hub of silks and fabrics, and this is bolstered by its huge merchant quarters bringing in all sorts of people and trade, making it one of the major melting pots of culture.   You can buy a myriad of products in the markets from spices and incense to silks and exotic animals in cages, even the people that wander through can be bought for an evening or a favour. The city is known for its many festivals, which bring people out in droves. Its vast amount of gold is what first attracted Zaresca's attention, and lead to its subsequent ascension to the Trade League of Zaresca, which has made the city forego any army, with its sandstone walls more for status and decoration than real defence; though they could certainly stand true should they ever need them.
Founding Date
Around 1600 PA
Trade post
Inhabitant Demonym
Casdian, Zarescan
Owning Organization

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